Self Hairstyle Tutorial -Daily Wear Simple Hairstyle

Published: Aug 04, 2020

When you are going out, you would want a hairstyle. You may be wearing the best of the outfits but without a hairstyle, the look is incomplete. But here we bring you some easy hairstyles that you can easily execute in less time. These are self-hairstyle tutorials.

So, let’s look at some self-hairstyle tutorials that you can do easily:


Easy Hairstyle Tutorials for Curly Hair


How to Take Down a Pineapple (and Love Your 2nd Day Hair) |

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If you want to know more about what is the best curly hair style and Trends hairstyle in USA. Visit beautybuzzing, and get the best solution for curly hair style and hairstyle artist. This is the best hairstyle for curly hair. Pile all your curls on the top. Put on a gentle headband or scarf. You can flip your hair upside down and tie your hair also.

Side Braid

Side Swept Curly Braided Style | Cascading hairstyles | Braidsandstyles12 -  YouTube

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Place all your hair on one side. Braid your hair. Put an elastic on the end. Add some gel.

Wavy Half-Up

15 Amazing Styles That You Can Do With Your Long Curly Hair | Long hair  styles, Curly hair styles naturally, Curly hair styles

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Pick up the top section of your hair. Pull around and put an elastic. Put the rest of your hair around your shoulders.

Easy Hairstyle Tutorials for Short Hair

Wet Your Hair and Slick Down

The Top 25 Professional Hairstyles For Women for the Office | Wet look hair,  Short slicked back hair, Slick hairstyles

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The reason girls go for short hair is that it takes less time to get ready. It is a low-maintenance length. You can easily manage a hairstyle by going with a wet look. Wet your hair and slick it down. You a little gel to make your hair in place.

Braided Front

Braided Hairstyles For Short Hair

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Braided hairstyles are easy to make. French braid your hair from one temple to the other. Use a hairpin at the end. Use some hairspray so that your hair gets in place.

Increase Volume

5 Ways to Give Curly Hair Volume

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To add volume is an easy hairstyle for short hair. You can add volume by placing curls. Add some hairspray. Use a curling iron. Or, you can place some rollers.

Easy Hairstyle Tutorials for Medium Hair


Missy Sue - | Headband hairstyles, Hairband hairstyle, Short hair styles

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Headbands are the best hair accessory. And it can be used to make a hairstyle. Comb your hair. Tie your hair using a headband back to your temples. Add some hairspray.

Braided Bun

Dutch Braided Bun | Updo | Cute Girls Hairstyles - YouTube

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Part your hair down. Braid both sides of your hair. It can be low braids or French braids. Then, place the ends together. Twist them into a bun at your neck. Place a hair elastic to make the bun in place.

Temple Twist

Half-Up Half-Down Bun Combo Hairstyle | Cute Girls Hairstyles - YouTube

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Take a portion of your hair around the temple. Twist it around your fingers. Place it using a hairpin. Twist the rest of your hair and make a bun.

You can also take equal portions of your hair and make a bun out of them. This would be a half-up hairstyle. The rest of your hair would be open.

Easy Hair Tutorials for Long Hair

Scarf Braid

How To Wrap Hair In A Scarf  27 Awesome Ways To Style

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Make a ponytail using a silk scarf. Break the ponytail into two sections. Start braiding your hair. Tie the scarf around the hair that is left.

Using Hair Pins