Published: Jun 27, 2022

By Bhawna

There are plenty of haircuts in the fashion scene. Many get trendy and popular. Haircuts make you look pretty. And these also give you a change from the boredom of the same face in the mirror. There are many- you can go for layers, mullets, shags, chandelier layers, curtain bangs, layered bangs, and what not. Some haircuts go well with all face types but some look good on a particular face type. So, let’s take a look at the most popular haircuts for women in 2022:

Long layers 
 Long Haircuts With Layers For Every Type Of Texture
Image source: pinterest.com
Layers are getting popular a lot these days. In summer, especially, long layers are being loved by women. Breezy layers look pretty. Waves with long layers look nice. You can add braids to it too. Loose waves are a part of a layered haircut. You can braid your hair. Long layers look good on everyone. It gives flexibility to hair. 

90’s layers
 These Haircut Trends Will Be Everywhere In 2022 - Behindthechair.com
Image source: pinterest.com
Contrary to long layers, 90’s layers are also getting popular. These make you more stylish and fresh. You can add an updo with it to look formal. You can add a thick chin-length layer too. 

Medium cut
 Cute Medium Length Haircuts & Hairstyles : Layered with curtain bang
Image source: hadviser.com
It doesn’t take too much of length. This looks chic. Even fine hair can look thick with this haircut. 

Bob cut
 30 Long Stacked Bob Haircuts for a Super Sexy Style
Image source: therighthairstyles.com
It makes the hair short just above the shoulders. It is very easy to style. It can be both straight and layered. 

Wavy haircut
 13 Feminine Short Haircuts For Wavy Hair: Trending Right Now
Image source: hadviser.com
You can carry a wavy haircut. It looks so cool. It can look good with both curly and straight hair. To achieve perfect waves, use a conditioner.

Curtain bangs
 CHELSEAHAIRCUTTERS on Instagram: Curtain bangs and balayage. This pic  went global at the start of the bang trend and we are still so in love with  this hair by @pjthomsen
Image source: anushkaspa.com
This is a very versatile haircut. There are two types of curtain bangs haircuts. One is that that is right at the cheekbone. The other is a longer one that starts at the cheekbone and is a bit longer. The curtain bangs are a vintage style. This style also gives a retro touch to your hair. These are famously carried by Selena Gomez. 

Chandelier layers 
 These Are the Most Popular Haircuts Around the Country | Medium length hair  styles, Long hair styles, Medium hair styles
Image source: emozzy.com
This is the best haircut when you don’t know what to do with your hair. You can add chandelier layers. Bangs are popular when paired with layers. Middle-part bangs look good with layers. They give a vintage vibe. This is a popular hairstyle of 2022. Bangs look good on any hair-length. Long layers look especially great. They flow nicely over the contour of the face. These also help to highlight the eyes. 

Curly shag
 The Curly Shag Has Tons Of Pretty Texture. Here's 7 Ways To Wear It |  Glamour UK
Image source: pinterest.com
Shag cut has been popular for quite a few seasons. This cut is good for all curl patterns. Don’t let your hair frizz. It is the favorite hairstyle of many. This haircut has a lot of layers in it. This cut is good for those who want to be with their natural texture. 

Wispy bangs
 WISPY BANGS - Current Salon
Image source: harpersbazaar.com
Curtain bangs and blunt bangs are all the more popular. But you can also go for wispy bangs. It is a 90s trend. Wispy bangs look great with layers. This gives a lot of movement and texture to them. They can add softness to thick hair. 

Choppy bends
 The Best 2022 Spring Haircut Trends to Try This Season  See Photos | Allure
Image source: pinterest.com
It is an easy way to add texture and movement to long and straight hair. It is a short layered haircut. It is also the hairstyle of Jennifer Aniston. 

Short layers
 36 Prettiest Short Layered Haircuts That Add Life to Your Hair
Image source: myglamm.com
Layers are being loved by women these days. Short layers around the face look pretty. Curtain bangs are longer but this is a shorter version. 

Modern mullet
 Behold the "Shullet": A Modern Take on the Mullet (Seriously)
Image source: youtube.com
It is a modern version of the mullet. It has a soft wave to it. It looks good on any face. This look especially nice if you have a fuller face. It is getting into the trend. And it will stay for long. 

Soft-serve mullet
 I loved doing this soft mullet on... - The Red Door Salon | Facebook
Image source: pinterest.com
This adds volume and texture to the style. It gives a delicate edge. It later grows into a long shag.

 Full-fringe shag
 32 Celebrity Shag Haircut Ideas - Shag Hairstyle Long and Short
Image source: pinterest.com
If you wish to have a new haircut and don’t want to lose your natural look, this haircut is for you. It is like the enlarged version of the modern shag. It will transform you and at the same time will not let you compromise on the length of the hair. This hairstyle is full of a lot of layers, volume, and bangs. 

Mid-length cut
 14 Medium Length Haircuts and Hairstyles For Women | Be Beautiful India
Image source: hadviser.com
If you can’t decide between short or long hair- this haircut is for you. You can go for a medium cut. This will give you a unique feel. It is the best for spring. 

Face-framing layers
 26 Best Ways to Get Face-Framing Layers on Long Hair
Image source: pinterest.com
If you have mid-length hair, you can opt for face-framing layers. Layers are a wonderful haircut and face-framing layers are not bad. These look great around the face. 

Diamond dry cut
 Have you tried our Diamond Dry Cut... - Michael Van Clarke | Facebook
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It is the best for thick hair. It gives a thick texture to the hair. It is a good haircut if you want to add thickness to your hair. 

Curly mullet
 26 Modern Mullet Hairstyles for Girls with Curly Hair
Image source: latesthairstyles.com
If you have curly hair and you want some change, then this haircut is for you. This haircut is in trend these days. It is a modern version of the mullet. 

 Clavicut hairstyle trend summer 2020 | Be Beautiful India
Image source: br.pinterest.com
It is a famous haircut and hairstyle that hits the collarbone. It is the perfect haircut that’s between a long and short hairstyle. 

Side bangs
 27 Flattering Hairstyles with Side Bangs for Every Face Shape & Length
Image source: therighthairstyles.com
This haircut is perfect for those who want a small change. This is also called by the name side-swept bangs. It is a trendy hairstyle. It looks good on any face type. It looks especially good on a round face. 

Hair extensions

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While there are many short and medium haircuts, a long haircut will continue to reign in 2022. Hair extensions are getting popular among celebrities. Besides that, long ponytails, and waist-length hair are getting popular. Long hair always look beautiful and there is no doubt about this.