Published: Jul 19, 2022

By Bhawna

Firstly, know your hair type
This is the first step to preventing any further damage. Getting to know your hair type is essential so that you don’t create a mess. So, before using a heating tool or brush, first, know your hair type. There are two categories of hair basically, fine and thick. 
In fine hair, a single strand is difficult to see. You cannot maintain volume. And the hair never feels heavy. There are lesser strands and they are very thin. 
Thick hair is coarser. Bobby pins can’t hold the hairstyles. A lot of frizz happens. There are an infinite amount of strands. The hair weigh a lot. 

Start with a haircut

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Regular haircuts are essential to remove split ends. Haircuts add more life to hair. A good haircut lays the foundation for any hairstyle that you want. If you have flat hair and there isn’t any bounce in them, you can try face-framing layers. You can also try short, soft layers to gain volume. If you have thick hair, you should grow your hair long and execute volume-lessening layers. Avoid shoulder-length cuts as these can be too bouncy. 

Pick hair products according to hair thickness

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The foundation for healthy hair begins with a shampoo and conditioner that’s according to your hair thickness. You should also go for weekly deep-conditioning treatment to restore moisture. Another important thing is that different hair types have different needs. Someone with fine, straight hair should use lightweight formulas like mists and sprays. This is because heavy conditioners can weigh the hair down. And someone with thick, curly hair should use rich oils and thick creams. This will help in lubricating the strands. 

Become smarter when it comes to styling products
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Styling products are different in many ways, but one thing remains the same: A small amount goes a long way. Always add a small amount and then add more if needed. 
Hair gels are like liquid to touch. But they dry very quickly. And then become a shiny hard shell. They are best for making spikes on short hair for men. They are also good for slicked-back hairstyle. They are good for defining curls. 
Hair mousse is a lighter styling foam. It gives a voluminous look. 
Hair serums and creams are other good finishing products that are the lightest. They are perfect for touch-ups. 

Choose the right accessories and tools
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You should choose the right tools and accessories that match to your texture and hair type. Your hair dryer should be lightweight. The hairbrushes should not be hard. Use hair ties and bobby pins that match the color of your hair. 

Choose the correct hairbrushes
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For day-to-day activities, use paddle brushes. When you are blow-drying, use a round brush. Do not use round brushes with metal frames. This is because when combined with hot air from the dryer, they can heat up and burn your hair. Use a wooden one. 

Accept your natural texture
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Accepting your natural texture is important. But these days, women are using hair styling tools, so it would take time for them to understand the needs of their hair. For curly hair, use products that are curly-hair friendly. Those who have heavy hair should use products that would give more definition to their hair. 

Style with regard to your hair type
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If you have fine hair, there are a lot of styling options. You can do a messy updo or a low bun, and also, straighten your hair. If you have thick hair, you can try braids. You can do a ponytail or make a high bun. And you can use a variety of products because your hair won’t weigh down. 

Combat frizz 
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Frizz is something that many of the women are dealing with. Get a good haircut to combat frizz. You should use cooler water. And sleep on a silk pillow. You should use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Use shampoos with hydrating ingredients. Use cleansing conditioners. 
A good serum is also helpful. It would give shine to hair and it is ideal for a party. 

Straighten your hair the correct way
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You should pick a high-quality straightener that excels in maintaining straightness. If you have fine or damaged hair, the temperature should be 300 degrees or less. Average hair should be set at a temperature of 300-380 degrees. For thick hair, the temperature should be 400 degrees and a heat protectant should be used. Speed also matters here. If you are going too fast, your hair won’t straighten. And if you are too slow, your hair may burn and damage can occur. Pass through section by section, and make sections of your hair. Use until your hair is sleek and straight. Finish with a hydrating serum. Also, use hairspray. 

Curl your hair the correct way
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Firstly, get a curling rod with a barrel of one and a half inches that has a heat setting gauge. Fine hair is difficult to curl. These do not require much heat as compared with coarse hair. Heat setting should be set at 6 for fine hair and 8 for coarse hair. 

So, these were some tips and tricks for hair styling. It can be said that hair styling has lot of intricacies to it. Firstly, you should know your hair type. Then, you should know the texture of your hair and try to embrace your natural texture. There are some ways mentioned above for straightening and curling the hair. Hair styles should be made according to hair type. So, it would depend on your hair type whether or not you require an updo or a bun. Choosing the correct tools and accessories is also a part of hair styling. You should also use the correct products suited to your hair type. A shampoo and a good conditioner are essential. You should also use a serum to give all the more shine to your hair.