By Bhawna

For short guys, the one thing that bothers them the most is their height. Height is the first thing that people notice about them. There is nothing wrong with short height. Height is something that, to some extent, we have no control over. It is genetic in some ways. And it also depends on what you eat. Our clothes can enhance the way we look and make us look taller.

So, let’s take a look at some fashion tips for short guys so that they look the best and also taller:

Avoid loose- fitting clothes

12 Style Tips for Short Guys - How Your Clothes Should Fit  Under 5'10

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Fit depends on fashion trends. It is not always necessary to wear skinny fit. But short guys look the best when they wear closer-fitting clothes. This means that pants should not stack up on top of the shoes. Sleeves should not go past the wrists. Shirts should not look like tents. Jackets should not go past the knees.

Avoid oversized things

12 Style Tips for Short Guys - How Your Clothes Should Fit  Under 5'10

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This is very important for short guys who are both short and skinny. What happens is that sometimes, mass-manufactured clothes have details that are simply too big for short guys. For example, a simple shirt can have a chest pocket that’s very big for a short man. It might be a possibility that it is too low on the chest. And, this results in making him look shorter. So, you should buy clothes that are made keeping in mind shorter guys. And also, you should avoid clothes that have oversized details or extra ones. For example, if you are buying a button-up shirt from a store, try finding one that doesn’t have a chest pocket. Similarly, if you are buying a sports coat, try finding one that doesn’t have elbow patches.

Wear low-contrast attire

10 Style Tips For Shorter Men (What Looks Good On Short Guys?)

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One should wear clothes of color combinations that he likes. But a point to take care of is that if you are a short guy, then you should wear low- contrast outfits. If you are wearing a light -colored shirt, pair it with lighter-colored pants as well. Similarly, if you are wearing darker colors, pair everything likewise. One thing to keep in mind is that there should not be a stark contrast between your top and bottom like white shirts and black pants. So, if you are matching colors in your outfit, then this will increase the length of your silhouette.

Choose small- scale patterns

Short Men Style-7 Things Short Men Need To Avoid

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Short men are told not to wear horizontal patterns. But the direction of patterns doesn’t matter so much and what is the size? For example, thin horizontal stripes are not a big deal no matter what the height is. Thick horizontal stripes will look big on a shorter guy. And, they might make you look shorter. This is true for vertical patterns too. If you are buying something with vertical stripes, thin stripes are much better than thick ones.

Wear proportionate accessories