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Sometimes, when you are short in height, it becomes difficult to dress up. You look shorter than others. Hence, you need to create attire that makes you look longer. You can create an illusion of looking longer in many ways.

So, let’s take a look at some of the tips by which shorter girls can look taller:

Wear flared jeans or pants

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You may think that flared jeans were a fashion trend in the ‘70s, but these retro jeans have a place in the modern world. So, if a short girl wears flared jeans, then it would appear that she has long legs. This is a fashion tip. Short girls should go for a high-waisted pair. There should be a flare starting at the knee. The look would be complete with some high heels. These will give maximum impact.

Keep in mind your proportions

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Do not wear floaty fabrics. Instead, you can select two pieces like shirts that tuck at the waist and pants. These will show your figure to full effect. These give you a more grown-up vibe. You can wear structured skirts or blazers. You can wear high-waisted pieces.

Go for skirts that are just on or above the knee

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Midi and maxi skirts can be a problem if you are a short girl. They will make you look shorter. You can solve the problem by selecting a skirt that shows your legs a little bit. You can wear styles that have movement so that your legs look elongated. Here, flared or skater is the best.

If you are wearing a skirt below the knee, then you should avoid chunky shoes

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As a general rule that is prevalent, shorter ladies should avoid chunky shoes. Chunky shoes draw attention to the feet. Heels that have an ankle strap are fine. The strap should be thin and delicate. You can go for a simple, court shoe.

Avoid wide-leg pants or trousers

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If you are shorter, baggy pants or wide-leg pants can make your figure slough. You can find well-petite trousers. If you are not able to find a petite style you like, you can go for cropped and tapered trousers. This will fit you like a full-leg trousers.

Wear ankle boots and not knee-high boots