Meal Prep a Week of Protein Smoothie Overnight Oats, Packed With Nutrients and No Added Sugar

Meal Prep a Week of Protein Smoothie Overnight Oats, Packed With Nutrients and No Added Sugar
Published: Sep 08, 2020

While prepping my overnight oats for the week, I had a revelation: why not use a green protein smoothie as the liquid instead of just plain almond milk or soy milk? I know green oatmeal looks a little weird, but I promise, just like those green smoothies you love, you can't taste the spinach at all!

I used a basic smoothie recipe made with spinach, banana, and vanilla plant-based protein powder. If you just can't do the green color, add blueberries or chocolate protein powder to your smoothie. Each serving of this creamy oatmeal offers 15.7 grams of protein and a filling 13.1 grams of fiber.

This recipe makes five servings for the week, but don't worry — the fifth jar tastes just as fresh and delicious as the first. It has a very subtle sweet vanilla flavor with just 8.2 grams of sugar, but if you want yours sweeter, feel free to add a little maple syrup.

You can enjoy your overnight oats cold, but I actually preferred warming mine up in the microwave for two minutes. With just 329 calories a serving, you can add whatever toppings you like such as fresh, frozen, or dried fruit, nuts, seeds, granola, shredded coconut, or chocolate chips. I liked making a different topping combo for each day of the week to change up the flavors and make it more exciting.

Meal Prep Sugar-Free Protein Smoothie Overnight Oats


  1. 2 1/2 cups rolled oats, divided
    5 teaspoons chia seeds, divided
    1 1/4 teaspoons cinnamon, divided
    2 cups unsweetened vanilla soy or almond milk
    2 cups firmly packed spinach
    2 1/2 large (or 3 small) bananas (fresh or frozen)
    1 serving vanilla plant-based protein powder (I used Orgain)


  • Get out five clean mason jars or glass containers with lids. To each, add half a cup of rolled oats, one teaspoon chia seeds, and one-quarter teaspoon cinnamon. Give them each a stir to mix the ingredients.
  • Now make the smoothie by adding the plant-based milk, spinach, banana, and vanilla plant-based protein powder to a blender. Mix until smooth.
  • Divide the smoothie evenly between the jars of oatmeal; it should be about one cup of liquid for each.
  • Stir each jar, secure the lids, and store in the fridge.
  • Enjoy cold or warm with your favorite toppings.

Here's the nutritional info for one serving without toppings: