How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy 2023?

How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy 2023?
Published: Jan 13, 2023

The new mother has a lot of new responsibilities to take care of when she becomes mother. She has to feed the baby, make him or her stop crying, and many more things. But there is also one more thing- she has to get rid of the extra weight that she gained during pregnancy.

If the weight gain is like 25-35 pounds, then it will take only some months to get back to normal weight. But if she was overweight before pregnancy and then put on weight, then it can be a long process to lose weight. But there are some tips how lose weight after pregnancy?

5 Way to Lose Weight  after Pregnancy

Don’t skip meals

Dont skip meals for women after pregnancy

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You should not skip meals. You should consume the required amount of calories. Do not go for extreme diets like keto diets. Do not restrict yourself to one meal a day. This can be harmful for your health. This can also be harmful for your baby’s health because you would be breastfeeding. You can cut calories to lose weight for women. There should be a regular eating routine. This is because the body has to recover from birth.

Have a Balanced Diet after Pregnancy?


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Your diet should be healthy and balanced. You should have nutrients like proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats. Protein plays a role in repairing body muscles and tissues. You should high-fiber vegetables, fruits, and leafy vegetables. Eat grains. Eat unsaturated fats like nuts. Do not eat trans-fat as it chemically processed.

Do not have cookies and sugary drinks. You should keep healthy snacks so that you don’t eat anything unhealthy. These can be fruits, sprouts, nuts, and yogurt. These will help you lose weight.

You don’t have to crash diet. You should have regular meals and healthy snacks in between. Do not skip meals. Do not skip breakfast.

Exercise Routine

Exercise routine for pregnancy

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Exercising can increase metabolism. It means the burning of calories. You can begin by walking. Then, you can increase as to how far you walk. You can use an elliptical bike. You should do some aerobic exercise also. Aerobic exercises help in fat loss. These are good for heart health.

Cardiovascular exercises like walking, cycling, and interval training are really beneficial. These help you burn calories. There are many health benefits. Exercising improves heart health, decreases the risk of heart diseases, and cancer. Exercising along with balanced diet can help you lose weight after pregnancy

It is your doctor who decides as to after how much time of childbirth can you start exercising. You need to discover an exercise activity that you enjoy. And then, you can continue doing it.

Exercise has many benefits. It uplifts the mood. It can reduce stress that most mothers have after giving birth to a child. It can improve sleep.

Sleep Routine

Sleep Routine

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Sleep is an important part of your health. You should get enough sleep. This also helps in weight management. Lack of sleep can also lead to a reduction in fat loss. Lack of sleep increases cortisol levels and weight loss becomes a problem. With a newborn baby, it can be hard to get a good night sleep because you would be taking care of your baby.

Sleep hygiene is also very important. You should not have screen time before going to bed. How Many Calories does Walking for 30 Minutes Burn?

Taking Care of Mental Health

Taking care of mental health - fashionsootra

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When you are adjusting to parenthood, there is going to be stress. When you are doing everything to lose weight after pregnancy this stress can become a problem in weight loss. There is also postpartum depression that many new mothers suffer from. The stress can lead to weight retention. You can always ask for help from others like family members. Calm yourself down. You can go to a psychologist also. She will help you find ways to deal with stress.

Set Realistic Goals

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Setting realistic goals for postpartum weight loss is especially important. You have to be patient with yourself. It will take months to recover and lose weight postpartum. You will take time to get to a normal weight. Don’t try to lose weight fast because it is not good for you physically and mentally. Be realistic in your approach. You can start from small things like taking a walk. There is nothing like a set time to lose weight.

Drink a Lot of Water

Drink a lot of water

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Keep yourself hydrated. It will help you in many ways. It will boost your metabolism. It also keeps you full and you don’t feel like eating anything. There are many benefits of drinking water. It gives you a glowing skin. Drinking water is a way to lose weight naturally after pregnancy.

By Bhawna