11 Best Things to Do in Tucson (AZ) - The Crazy Tourist

11 Best Things to Do in Tucson (AZ) - The Crazy Tourist
Published: Apr 06, 2023

It is in the state of Arizona. Tucson has a population of around 500,000 people. There is also the University of Arizona in Tucson. Tucson is north of the US-Mexico border. It has a lot of desert regions. If you visit Tucson, you will see a lot of beautiful architecture, deserts, and Mexican food and beverages.

So, let’s look at the best things to do when in Tucson:

Best Things to do in Tucson 2023

Visit the desert at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Sonora Desert Museum - fashion sootra

Image source: visitarizona.com

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum has an area of 98 acres. It has a zoo, botanical garden, history museum, and art gallery. This Museum is to the west of Tucson. The museum aims to spread knowledge about the flora and fauna in the desert region. There are 200 species of desert animals and 1,000 kinds of plants.

This museum is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Arizona. There are more than 400,000 travelers here per year. There are many exhibitions here that give information about wildlife and plant life like ‘Rivers to the Sea’, and ‘Life on the Rocks’.

Hiking at the Sabino Canyon

Hiking at the Sabino Canyon - fashion sootra

Image source: azcentral.com

This Canyon is in the north of Tucson. It is settled in the Santa Catalina Mountains and the Coronado National Forest. There are many beautiful trails here. There are splendid views. There are hiking and trekking opportunities. There is Sabino Creek also. It has waterfalls. It can be crossed by a bridge. For those who don’t wish to hike, there is a tram. It has 9 stops along the way.

San Xavier del Bac Church

San Xavier del Bac Church Tucson -fashion sootra

Image source: viator.com

The San Xavier del Bac is situated in downtown Tucson. It is a Spanish Catholic Mission. It is on the Tohono O’odham San Xavier Indian Reservation. The mission is in the name of a Christian Missionary Francis Xavier. He is the co-founder of the Jesuit Order. It is regarded as one of the supreme Spanish colonial architecture in the United States.

It is a visiting site for the public daily. It has more than 200,000 visitors in a year. People regard it as a pilgrimage site. It is run by Franciscan members of the Christian community. There is a serene atmosphere out there.

Things To Do in Tucson at Night

Sky Bar

learn more about Sky Bar in Tucson

Image source: skybartucson.com

In this bar, you will find drinks and many more things. This is a modern hangout place. There is an open mic that takes place every Wednesday. The timings are 7 pm to 12 am. Here, you can showcase your talent in front of your friends and strangers. Or, you can relax and have fun at the show.

Each piece has a duration of 5 to 15 minutes. And if you can go on Wednesday, you can go on Friday. On Friday, a free dance party takes place at 10 pm. You can dance to the music of the best local DJs. There are many drinks there. And the environment is safe.

Fox Tucson Theatre

Fox Tucson Theatre Tucson

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If you don’t like the bars, you can go for a show at Fox Tucson Theatre. There are shows that take place all over the year. There are different genres and many comedians and musicians. The Fox is there in the city’s cultural core. It is called the “Crown Jewel” of Tucson. It is because of this location that Fox is related to the history of the performing arts in Tucson. It gives good-quality entertainment to the people. The Fox revives downtown Tucson. You can get the best acts here.

2nd Saturday Downtown

Saturday Downtown tucson

Image source: thedrivetucson.com

The 2nd Saturday Downtown will give you an idea of Tucson’s origins and history. On every 2nd Saturday of the month, there is an event where there are local performers, food trucks, artists, and musicians. They assemble to give the people the best party event. The event takes place in the spring and summer months. The months are from March to November. The street vendors are there from 5 to 10:30 pm. The stage performances are from 7 to 10 pm. This event is like the best of all the things that take place in Tucson.

Things to do in Tucson with kids

Gadsden-Pacific Division Toy Train

Gadsden-Pacific Division Toy Train tucson

Image source: gpdtrains.com

This is a Toy Train Operating Museum in Tucson. It is run by railroaders in Old Pueblo. This is a non-profit group. This museum has an exhibition of railroad souvenirs. One of the most valued exhibits is the Rio Grande Steel-Sided Caboose.

This is placed outside the museum. Visitors get an opportunity to enjoy a range of framed railroad art. This includes photos, prints, graphic arts, and line art. There are many vintage toy trains and display castles. The museum has limited hours for visits.

The Mini-Time Machine

The Mini-Time Machine tucson

Image source: visittucson.com

It is a 15,560 sq. foot area. You can go back in time with this mini-time machine. You can go back in time in a miniature form. Visitors can go back in time and it is a self-guided tour. You can go to different rooms that are symbolic of different lands and times. These are both real and imagined.

There are more than 275 miniature houses and room boxes. You will definitely find a room and time period that you like and want to go back in. This museum is great for kids. But adults can also enjoy this. It is quite entertaining. There are special discounts here for youth, senior, and military people. Children of the age 3 and below are free to visit here.

Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium

Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium tucson

Image source: southernarizonaattractionsalliance.com

In this planetarium, you can view the heavens through the Cassegrain telescope. There is an expert telescope operator to help you see the planets, galaxies, and stars. He can answer your questions. You can even see Saturn’s rings here. There is an observatory, science exhibits, laser shows, and special events. Children below the age of 3 are not allowed here. There are tickets for observatory viewing at night. In the observatory, there is a 16-inch telescope.

Events in Tucson This Weekend

Indigo Social Club

Indigo Social Club

Image source: posh.com

This is a musical event. It has jazz and many genres. It is scheduled for 8 April 2023. The timings are 7:30-9 pm. It will take place at Sea of Glass. The event will feature Cantrell Maryott, Rob Paulus, and Will Clipman. All these are great musicians. This will be a jazz show. There will be many pop and jazz classics. The music is going to be outstanding. It will be full of joy.

Saguaro Stewardship Experience- Session 3

Saguaro Stewardship Experience park in Tucson

Image source: peakvisor.com

This event will take place at Saguaro National Park. This is the third session. It is scheduled for 8 April 2023. The timings are 8 am- 4 pm. You will get a chance to explore Saguaro National Park. This event aims to remove invasive species. There is also an aim to monitor saguaros. Also, learning tips for background navigation and identifying wildlife and plants.

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