By Bhawna 
Weight loss has many health benefits. It can lower cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. Weight gain can be damaging to the body. Weight loss also reduces the risk of diabetes and cancer. It can lead to a better lifestyle also. 

Eat slowly
How Eating Slowly Helps With Weight Loss
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Eating slowly is helpful in weight loss. You should really taste each bite going into your mouth. You should chew deliberately. The food should be properly chewed. Chewing should be done slowly. Food should only be swallowed when it gets fully chewed. It also gives us more satiety. 

Food journaling
The Expert Guide to Keeping a Food Journal for Effective Weight Loss
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There are a lot of research studies that show that food journaling helps in weight loss. Food journaling helps to keep a check on what you are eating, when you are eating, and how much you are eating. Whenever you eat anything, write it down in your food journal. You can make it on your phone. Food journaling is a part of self-monitoring. 

Exercise and get moving
 Get your Body Moving
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Even if you can manage to do exercise for just five minutes, do it. A research study has shown that an exercise of even five minutes can make a difference. Get moving.

Gratitude journal
 How to Start a Gratitude Journal (& Why You Should!) | Page Flutter
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When we eat is strongly linked to how we feel and what are our emotions. When we are stressed we tend to binge eat or eat sweets. Keeping a gratitude journal by writing about things that you are grateful and thankful for and this can help you better cope with your stress and prevent binge-eating. Hence, it is helpful for weight loss and is a different way of weight loss. There are other ways also. When you are stressed, instead of binge-eating you can try yoga and meditation, listen to some good music, or call up a friend. Distraction in this way can really help.

Get enough sleep
 5 Reasons To Get Enough Sleep Every Single Night
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A lack of sleep is linked to an increase in the hunger hormone that is ghrelin. Hence, it leads to weight gain and obesity. A lack of sleep leads to more food cravings. 

Never skip meals
 Your health rules - Don't skip meals. When you get too hungry, you're less  likely to make healthy choices. According to the NHS, skipping meals can  result in fatigue from lack of
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Many people skip breakfast in a hurry. This is really wrong. Never skip your breakfast. Otherwise also, never skip meals. 

Don’t compromise on flavor, just cut calories
 Give consumers foods that taste great with a fraction of the calories
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You can relish flavors at the same time cutting calories. You just need to cut calories and not compromise on flavor. For example, if you are eating cheese, you can lower the quantity and at the same time, you would get the taste. If you are making pasta, add a lot of veggies to it to make it healthier. So, this way you are getting flavor, cutting on calories, and also, you don’t feel like you are on a diet. 

Organize your plate properly
 How to Create a Healthy Plate - YouTube
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Make sure that your plate contains all the nutrients in a good amount. So, you can choose to make your plate accordingly. So, see that you have vegetables, whole grains, and proteins in it. 

The 80% rule
 iPleaders Blog - Applying the 80/20 rule in your legal career
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The 80% rule means that you need to eat until you feel 80% full. This is important. Instead of eating until you feel 100% full, eat until you feel 80% full. This will help in weight loss. Pack the remaining food for later use.

Reduce intake of liquid calories
 Weight Loss: Five Easy Tips To Keep Liquid Calories At Bay
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Skip the beverage calories. This means reducing the intake of sugar-sweetened beverages. We need to do this as these beverages lead to weight gain. These beverages include soda, tea, cold drinks, and alcohol. These drinks give energy but lead to weight gain. 

Eat a lot of veggies
 8 Vegetables You Should Be Eating And 8 You Shouldn't
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Vegetables are low on calories. They are high on fiber and full of nutrients. You can eat lettuce, beans, and other green vegetables. 

Intermittent fasting
 Is intermittent fasting safe for older adults? - Harvard Health
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Intermittent fasting is becoming popular among celebrities these days. It is a pattern of eating in which there are short-term fasts. It also includes consuming food within a shorter time period. Research studies have shown that it can lead to weight loss. 

Tracking diet and exercise by fitness apps
 Top 3 Challenges in the Health and Fitness Industry Solved by Health and  Fitness App | by Space-O Technologies | Medium
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There are plenty of fitness apps that one can download to keep track of his/her diet and exercise. These apps have certain features that help in keeping a log. These are like online food trackers. 

Eating mindfully
 The Surprising Benefits of Mindful Eating | HuffPost Life
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There are certain rules that one should follow so that he/she can make sure he is eating mindfully. These include eating while sitting and not standing and not using the phone or watching TV during eating. Do not eat while you are driving. Eat slowly. Stop eating before you feel full.  Mindful eating can lead to weight loss. 

Have social support
 The Importance of Social Support | The Project
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Social support can help in the journey of weight loss. You can work out with your friends daily. You can ask somebody to keep a check on whether or not you are following the weight loss practices. You can consult a dietitian or a psychologist. You can join exercise clubs. 

There are a lot of ways to lose weight. The above-mentioned are some new and different ways of weight loss. The key is honesty. You need to be honest with yourself. Weight loss promotes health benefits and hence it is important. Weight loss also leads to an increase in self-esteem, better sleep, and high energy. Nobody wants to look fat. Keeping a check on what you are eating helps. You can maintain a food journal or keep apps to stay on track. The best way to lose weight is to exercise. Exercise, even if you are doing it for 5 minutes. These days in our busy lives, we don’t get time to exercise. But take some time to exercise daily. Get moving. Weight loss leads to better quality of life too. Make realistic goals in your journey of weight loss. You should measure yourself in a month to keep track of your weight and whether or not you are actually losing weight.