Published: Jun 03, 2022

By Bhawna
Summer brings with it extreme heat. The hot weather leads to makeup getting spoiled. Summer is full of wonderful things – but spoiled makeup should not be part of it. But there are certain tips and tricks by which you can achieve the ideal summer makeup look. So, let’s take a look at the best makeup for summer that will keep you chic:
Don’t forget to use primer
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There is humidity in summer and it causes the pores to produce more sweat. This leads to the summer makeup getting spoiled easily. The best way to get rid of this is to prime your face well. Apply some face primer. You can go for a mattifying primer. A mattifying primer will reduce shine. It will even tone the skin. It will also fill in pores. It will create a base for foundation to work. 
Use powder
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You should set your makeup in place so that it is long-lasting. The best way to accomplish this is by using a loose powder. After you apply the foundation and concealer, apply the loose powder. Let it be there for a few minutes and then rub it off. This process helps to set the base makeup in place for longer. If you have a long day out there, then keep the loose powder with you. You can use it as a touch-up. This will help you keep the makeup in order. You can also use some powder highlighter. This will give you the glow. 
You can skip foundation
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Heat and humidity can lead to bad makeup. In this situation, the lesser the makeup, the better it is. You can skip on foundation if you are okay with it. Apply concealer to brighten your face. Everyone does like a dewy look, but in summer avoiding cream foundations or anything too luminous is required. You should skip foundation so that you don’t look too shiny. 
Focus on your cheeks
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The summer makeup look is all about color. While you are doing your face makeup, focus on your cheeks. Apply blush to your cheeks to make them livelier. If you don’t have a blush, you can choose a lipstick. Take a little lipstick on your fingers and apply it to your face. Then blend it well. This will make you blush. Blush adds healthiness to your look. Don’t use powdery formula in the blush as it might get cakey. Use a gel or blush stain, then mix well with a touch of a cream blush. It adds that healthy vibrancy to the cheeks. If you want to increase its longevity in terms of wearing, dust a light, invisible setting powder. Don’t be heavy-handed. 
Eye makeup
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Here, it is best to do minimum makeup. Fill in your eyebrows. Apply a metallic eyeshadow color to the lids. This makes the look balanced. The most important step in summer eye makeup is to use mascara and more of it. For long-lasting eye-shadow, don’t use eye cream on your lids. You should use an eye primer instead. it will reduce creasing and caking. 
Lip tint
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If you want to opt for a minimal look, then lip tints are the perfect way to do it. A lip tint adds perfect color to the lips. You can even make a lip tint at home. Take some lip balm and add a little powder blush to it. Your DIY lip tint is ready. 
The right moisturizer
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This time an oil-free moisturizer is all that you need. You should apply an oil-free moisturizer in the morning. In this way, you would be caring for your skin in the right way. 
Wear sunscreen
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Along with hydrating your skin, make sure you are protecting it from the sun too. This means you need to have a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher a single day. You should wear sunscreen even under makeup. You should apply your sunscreen again after every two hours. But that’s sometimes not possible as you may not want to use your hands. To combat this, you can use a sunscreen powder for reapplication. 
Wear less makeup
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If you don’t want your makeup to cake, apply less makeup. You can use a tinted moisturizer and a concealer. Wearing less makeup can be beneficial in summer as makeup keeps moving around when it’s hot. 
Use bronzer
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Apply bronzer to some areas of your face. These can be the forehead, chin, and nose. Powder bronzers are easy to apply. These are less likely to vanish in the summer heat. Take the one that has varying shades. 
Opt for simple lighter shades
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Rich and deep colors can be heavy for the summer. You should opt for lighter and simpler shades. This is essential for lip and eye colors. 
Play with vibrant colors
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Summer is all about colors. In summer, you can wear a bright top or carry a bright bag. Lively and vibrant colors add life all the more life to the skin. They can give a youthful glow. The same goes for the makeup palettes. Add colors to your makeup palettes. This can entail a blush on the cheeks, a colored eyeliner, a vibrant lip color, and a nice primer. 
In summer, don’t use a lot of makeup, as it exhausts. In summer, less is more – so use less makeup. Layer on sun protection. You can use a makeup primer. You some bronzer on the face. Skip the foundation. Go for simple and light shades. Play with vibrant colors. Sunny weather is good for the body and mind but not good for makeup. The final step in the makeup is to use some makeup setting spray to seal the look. You can use a translucent powder compact. You can use a bright eyeshadow. You can use a bright liner. You can wear a baby pink shade across eyes. Summer is meant to enjoy, so enjoy it with these tips and tricks for makeup.