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Makeup has a dimension to the nails as well. Nail art is emerging in the fashion world these days. Nail art means the art of decorating the nails using nail polish and a variety of materials. Nail art is also a way to express one’s creativity. Finding easy nail art designs is not that easy. Whether you are using single nail polish or two or more than two, it’s difficult. You get a new feel by having a good nail art design. 
History of nail art

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Originally, nail art was an expression of social status. Then, in the mid-19th century, it became a fashion statement. The earliest story of nail art dates back to ancient Babylonia. Surprisingly, nail art was done by men. They did so to indicate their social status. And there were different colors also that indicated social status. Ancient Egyptians also made nail art. Nail art came into East Asia too like India and China. Then it came to Europe. It came among the royal courts and nobility. 

Painting on the nails

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Conventionally, painting on the nails is the most common way of nail art. There are plenty of designs that can be made on the nails of a person. These designs can be geometrical designs. There can be highly creative ones as well. There can be highly funky designs as well. 
The process of painting nails is a very difficult one and it requires a skilled nail artist. There is a process. Firstly, nails are cleaned. Then the dead skin and cuticles are removed. Then, a base coat is applied. This base coat is usually of white color. This is done to ensure that the design turns out to be shiny. Then a coat of activation polish is applied. Then the required design is done on the nail. Bright colors like silver and gold are coated. 

Doing embellishments
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Some people do embellishments on their nails. These can be glitter, beads, or anything else on the nails. There are stickers available in the market. 

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Getting manicures done from the salon can be too expensive. Painting your nails at home can be too difficult but there are some hacks. So, let’s take a look at some new and attractive nail art designs that can be even done in the comfort of your home:

Amazing dots
 Amazing Mandala Dot Painting Patterns On Stones By Lina West
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This nail art design is related to the bobby pin hack. What you need to do is pull its two prongs and create a nail dotting tool out of it. You need to dip one of its ends into your favorite nail polish, coat it lightly, and then polish dot by dot. This way bobby pins would be effective and useful. You can also use a tailor’s pin for this nail art design. The process is the same. 

Some watercolors
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You can turn your nails into a watercolor piece. You can mix your color polish with some clear polish and get that watercolor effect. You can even use gold nail polish and gel nail polish for this nail art design. 

Some doodling
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The doodles that you keep scribbling on your notebook can be a potential nail art design. The base of the nail art can be black or white. And then you can use a fine brush to make the doodle with white or black paint. 

Some stripes
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This nail art design brings all the more vibrancy to the nails. You can here create a double-stripe effect. This nail art design requires a very fine brush. After making one stripe, make sure that it gets dry. Then only move to the next stripe. 

Some swirls
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This nail art design is all about abstract swirls. To make it, practice the design on paper first. Then use nail polish to make the design. 

Holographic art
 Holographic Roses | Nail Art Tutorial - YouTube
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If you don’t want to create a design but just want to paint, then this design is for you. You can use golden-toned nail polish. Golden or silver creates a holographic design. 

Complementing colors
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This is an abstract nail art design. It is one of the quickest. You just have to choose colors that look good together. This will create a fashion statement. 

Rainbow colors
 Rainbow Nails | The Adorned Claw
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This is a very easy nail art design. Each nail is painted in rainbow color. This is one of the easiest nail art designs. 

Some glitter
 Glitter Hacks To Live Your Best Sparkly Life
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In this nail art design, paint the nails with any transparent nail polish. And then paint the tips of the nails with some glittery nail polish. It is so simple. 

Fine faces
 Pin on nail'd it
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In this nail art design, you draw faces on the nails. It is not something that you would think about in the first place but it looks nice. You can use acrylic paint to make the faces on the nails. 

Yellow sunflowers
 Sunflower Nail Art Designs for Beginners - K4 Fashion
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This is a very bright nail art design. Bright sunflowers are a visual treat. If you want to make this design, first make a small dot and then take a small brush and dip it into yellow color. 

Undoubtedly, nail art’s popularity is increasing a lot. It is a women’s arena. It is not popular among males. Nail art is not just restricted to college going people. This is also popular among middle-aged women. Even working women like nail art. Before getting nail art done on your nails, you need to choose a proper salon or nail art studio or nail artist. Make sure that the process is hygienic. And of course, besides getting it done from a nail art studio, you can do it at home using the above-mentioned techniques. Nail art is an emerging fashion idea and you should subscribe to it. It is one that has a lot of fashion to it.