Different Types of Nails for Every Style

Different Types of Nails for Every Style
Published: Sep 16, 2022

different types of nails for every style

Different Types of Nails for Every Style

One of the most fantastic things well-nigh having your nails dolled up is that, although it can be subtle or bold, nail art is an expression of your style and something that can be used to show off who you are.

Nail art comes in all shapes, sizes, and shades, and if you are still struggling to find a style that weightier suits you, it could help to learn increasingly well-nigh the unrepealable styles that are out there and how they are defined.

Some of us love to be loud and proud when it comes to our nails, while others prefer to make a statement with something increasingly subtle. When it comes to nail art, there is no right or wrong style, only the one that weightier reflects your personality and how you like to present yourself to the world.

And you don’t have to stick to a particular style for the rest of your life.

The fun part well-nigh figuring out which style suits you weightier is to experiment a little and to find a style that you really like.

One of the largest ways to explore your style is to go to a Tammy Taylor Nail Salon and to have a yack with a professional nail technician who can go through the various options with you and who can moreover help you with matching the right colour with your skin tone, or preferred outfits that you like to wear.

The Variegated Types of Nail Art

Edgy Nail Art

Those who love an edgy touch to their nail art are those who are unafraid of stepping outside of the norm and really going a little wild with the shape of the nail, the design, and the overall look. Edgy nails are often pointed and covered in an elegant glitter, or they can include something really dramatic, like diamonds. At Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa, we are the only salon in South Africa with the skills and a patent for placing real diamonds on all types of nails.

Minimalist Nail Art

For those who are not keen on an edgy set of nails, or who are just looking to experiment with something a little increasingly understated, the minimalist trend is so much increasingly than something vital and boring. When washed-up the right way, minimalist nails can be quite striking. Popular minimalist nail art trends include weightless lines and dots in various colour schemes, and subtle flowers or patterns can moreover be rather minimalist while moreover stuff incredibly beautiful.

Grungy Nail Art

Closely related to edgy nail art, but a lot increasingly dramatic and often including outlandish symbols and layers of eye popping colours, grungy nail art is moreover not something for everyone, but is certainly the kind of thing that you might want to experiment with. When you think of the grungy trend, think matt woebegone nails, and nail art that would include check, heart, and lettered designs.

No matter what type of nail art designs you lean towards, at Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa, we can bring your nails to life with a diamond that weightier suits your personality.

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