Blue Christmas Nails Designs: Sparkle and Shine this Holiday Season!

Blue Christmas Nails Designs: Sparkle and Shine this Holiday Season!
Published: Dec 14, 2023

If you're the type of person who loves decorating your nails, especially during events and holidays like Christmas, you're in luck. Mylee's line of over 180 gel polishes have all your nail needs covered, but today we're focusing on the perfect nail polishes for Christmas blue nails.

With Which Blue Nails?

We listen to you. Why blue? It's time to replace the classic red and gold of Christmas with something different. Blue is a trendy nail color for winter because it reflects the cooler color palette of the season and at the same time is able to add a pop of color to any look. Then don't hesitate any longer and enjoy the atmosphere of the Snow Queen.

We offer a range of blue shades that suit all skin tones. From light blue to navy blue, there's a blue christmas nails designs and polish for everyone and that's why we love it!

Are you looking for the best and perfect blue christmas nail designs for women?

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Get ready to shine this holiday season with stunning blue Christmas nails designs! Whether you're attending festive gatherings, holiday parties, or simply want to embrace the spirit of the season, these nail designs will add a touch of glamour to your overall look. From icy blues to shimmering glitter, let's dive into the world of blue Christmas nails!

Blue Christmas Nails Designs: The Perfect Winter Wonderland

1. Icy Blue Ombre

Achieve a frosty and elegant look with an icy blue ombre design. Start with a pale blue base coat and gradually blend in a slightly darker shade towards the tips. This simple yet stunning design will remind you of snow-capped mountains and glistening winter nights.

2. Santa's Hat Accent Nail

Add a playful touch to your blue Christmas nails by incorporating a Santa's hat accent nail. Paint your nails in a deep blue shade and use white polish to create the fluffy trim of the hat. Complete the look by adding a tiny red dot for Santa's famous pom-pom. This design is sure to bring cheer to your fingertips!

Santa's Hat Accent Nail

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3. Snowflake Stencils

Embrace the beauty of a winter wonderland with snowflake stencils on your nails. Apply a light blue base coat and use a stencil to create intricate snowflake designs using white polish. The delicate snowflakes will make your nails truly magical and remind you of the enchanting beauty of the season.

4. Glittering Midnight Sky

Make a statement this holiday season with a glittering midnight sky design. Start with a black base coat and use a thin brush to apply blue and silver glitter polish in a sweeping motion, mimicking the night sky. The sparkling effect will captivate everyone's attention and add a touch of glamour to your nails.

5. Frosty French Tips

Put a twist on the classic French tip design by opting for frosty blue tips instead. Paint your nails with a light blue base coat and add a silver or white tip for a frosty effect. This elegant and chic design will give your nails a touch of sophistication while still embracing the blue Christmas theme.

6. Reindeer Antlers Nail Art

Add a whimsical touch to your blue Christmas nails with reindeer antlers nail art. Paint your nails in a deep blue shade and use a fine brush to create antler shapes using white polish. Complete the design by adding tiny red dots for Rudolph's nose. This fun and festive design will surely put a smile on your face!

7. Simple Straight Nails with Blue Glitter

If you're looking for a way to add a little extra sparkle to your holiday festivities, then Blue Glitter is the gel you need! Light blue christmas nail are the best and perfect way to get this. Not only do they look great, but they're also super easy to apply.

They are perfect for parties, events and even for everyday use. The best part is that blue glitter nails are super easy to do yourself!

8. Magnetic Blue Christmas Nails

If you want to take your blue glitter manicure a step further, use our Cancer Cat Eye nail polish for a sparkly effect and add a gold line along the nail for a stunning contrast. This type of nail design is currently very popular and very simple to implement. Simply use the magnetic polisher and place the cursor over a magnet to create a line before curing.

Finish your nails with a clear top coat to protect your design and make it last longer. And yours! Beautiful blue glitter nails, perfect for the Christmas period!

9. Blue Foil Nails

For those that like If you want a shiny laminate surface, why not try a blue laminate effect? To create this design, prep your nails as normal with a base coat and apply gel polish base.

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Here we have a light blue, jelly shade called Lagoon. Used blue. Once cured, apply a layer of Mylee Aluminum Gel and cure. Next, prepare the blue sheet and lightly tap the nail with the blue part facing up. Zoom out to create a worn look.

light blue christmas nails

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This drawing didn't have to be perfect and when you touch the blue paper it looks worn and bold. Once you're happy with the color, apply a clear top coat.

10. Christmas Nails with Blue and White Snowflakes

The predominantly light blue gel polish combined with these dazzling glitters creates a stunning shade that makes a bold statement with these cute snowflakes.

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As we've seen with previous designs, adding loose glitter is a great way to add a little more flair to your manicure.  Once set, sprinkle it with loose glitter. Then, using a dotting tool and a streak brush, draw lakes of snow on each nail.

11. Blue Marbled Christmas Nails

Are you going somewhere tropical this Christmas? Then we have the perfect look for you with this fun marble design with various shades of blue that create a magical ocean effect.

To create this design, prepare it as per the usual, then start with a light blue base. Once hardened, mix a darker shade of blue with white to create the wave/marble effect. Before they harden, shake them with a sharpening tool to set them into place. Finish with a clear top coat and cure naturally.


This holiday season, let your nails shine with blue Christmas nail designs that capture the magic and beauty of the winter season. From icy blues to sparkling midnight skies, there's a design to suit every style and occasion. Embrace the festive spirit and add a touch of glamour to your look. So, go ahead and indulge in the joy of blue Christmas nails designs – you deserve it!