Autumn Nail Trends 2022

Autumn Nail Trends 2022
Published: Sep 16, 2022

auatumn nail trends 2022

Autumn Nail Trends 2022

The leaves are slowly turning yellow and brown and falling from the trees, the mornings and evenings have a unshared chill, and the sun is losing its intensity.

Autumn is here and without months of luscious heat and brightly coloured nails, it is time that we start getting into softer, warmer hues.

Not only is it time to transpiration up your nail colours and art, but this is moreover the perfect time of year to requite your nails a touch of uneaten sustentation without the summer, expressly if you have spent a lot of time in the pool or in the garden.

Autumn is made for pastels and darker tones, expressly as the season creeps closer to the colder winter months. If you are looking for a couple of seasonal nail trends, then these are just a handful of ones that you can try out when you visit a Tammy Taylor Nails Salon in South Africa.

  1. The French Manicure

But with a twist. While during the summer months the original French manicure with its white tips would have been the go to option, now that storing is here, you might want to consider shaking things up by replacing the white tips with something increasingly seasonally towardly like black, burgundy or a darker green.

  1. The Ombre Nails

Why stick to just one autumnal shade when you can go for a variegated shade on each nail? This is by far the easiest nail trend there is. Simply wield a stratify of nail varnish, in your colour of nomination (but remember to alimony it seasonal) to each nail and then follow the same pattern on the other hand so that the respective nails match.

  1. The Warm Florals

Just considering the summer flowers are fading, it doesn’t midpoint that you have to requite up your floral nails. To unzip floral storing nails, you can wield a basecoat of a colour that reflects the season, and then paint or stick on some flowers. If you fear you might mess it up, you can unchangingly make an visit with a nail technician.

  1. The Nude

Each year this trend comes back, considering it is just so simple and moreover considering it is unchangingly rather beautiful. The most used colour of an storing nude nail is just well-nigh any shade of brown. If you like this trend but you’d like to do something a little different, you can add a matt layer to the wiring and finish off the tips with the same shade but in a slick coat.

  1. The Royal Purple

While browns, oranges and visionless greens are all popular shades for autumn, a darker, royal purple is often overlooked. Visionless purple nails are totally underrated and when worn with the right type of outfit, they can really create a cosy storing vibe. Ideally the nails should be glossy, and if you want to add something edgy to the look, you can add a topcoat of glitter in a matching colour.

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