Anthony Vince Nail Spa Upper Arlington in USA

Anthony Vince Nail Spa Upper Arlington in USA
Published: Nov 02, 2023

Anthony Vince Nail Spa is the most popular nail spa in the USA. It was established in 2004. The nail spa specialists at the salon are highly skilled and professional. The salon has 50 centers all over the USA. This salon is known for giving your nails the perfect beauty with the best of services. There is always something innovative and in sync with the trends in fashion. You will feel relaxed in this salon with the beautiful ambience- the infrastructure and overall peaceful atmosphere.

The services at the spa can be tailored according to what you like. Anthony Vince Nail Spa Easton and the one in Upper Arlington are the most popular among all locations of Anthony Vince nail spa. The Anthony Vince nail spa in Upper Arlington is in Lane Avenue, Ohio. Other locations of this spa are Montgomery, Oak Brook, Westlake, Louisville, Nashville, Liberty Township, Hampton, North Wales, and others. It is a luxurious spa experience at all these locations.

Anthony Vince Nail Spa Easton

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Anthony Vince has established itself as a brand and it is at the topmost position when it comes it nail spas in the USA. They always keep cleanliness as an important thing at the spa. They use high-quality products. Anthony Vince spa is open on Sunday also. Nail salons open on Sunday in the USA are Elegant Nail Spa, Nailed, Haven Nails Denver, and Nail Place.

Who Owns Anthony Vince Nail Spa?

The Anthony Vince Nail Spa is privately owned. The name of the primary founder of the spa has not been revealed. There are various stakeholders associated with the Anthony Vince spa. This spa brand is built on franchise model. It is collaboration. The brand is thinking of coming up with new locations at different places in the USA and also some locations to increase global reach.

Exploring the Beauty of Vince Nail Spa Easton

Spa Manicure is a basic service at Vince nail spa. This includes nail trimming, shaping, and buffing. There is also cuticle grooming and lotion massage. In this manicure, you can also get mud masque, lotion massage, and paraffin treatment. There is the signature manicure. In this manicure, there is sugar scrub exfoliation and lotion massage.

Beauty of Vince Nail Spa Easton

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There is a no-chip gel polish manicure. In this manicure, there is a hydrating gel lacquer hand massage. The gel lacquer is a long-lasting finish. There are nail trimming, shaping, and cuticle grooming services also.

The spa pedicure in this spa comes with services like signature pedicure, cooling masque, and lotion massage. There is also a massage with detox crystals and volcano activator. You will get exfoliation scrub, collagen mask, and creamy massage lotion with it. All the ingredients and materials used in this spa pedicure are paraben-free.

There is a Royal Hot Stone spa pedicure. This is a royal and luxury experience with hydrating paraffin treatment. Smooth stones are used for the pedicure. There is another pedicure that has all the features of this pedicure along with other services like soaking the feet in soft oils, fruit scrub, foot masque, paraffin treatment, and lotion massage.

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There is a special dipping powder manicure. In this manicure, natural and gentle ingredients are used.

The artificial nails at this spa are mostly acrylic. This is because of the durable nature of acrylic. You can get acrylic ombre nails.

A Closer Look at Anthony Vince Nail Spa Easton

There are many manicure services at Anthony Vince nail spa. They have a signature manicure. In this manicure, oil and purified sea salts are used. These help in cleansing dull skin. Other manicure services that have are buffing, cutting, and shaping the nails. Then, they also use some hydration treatments and moisturizing massage. There is also a spa pedicure. This manicure has all the services from the signature manicure but with an added service of cuticle grooming. The milk and honey pedicure at Anthony Vince is special. In this pedicure, milk, honey, and paraffin treatment are used to heal dry feet.

There is a champagne and rose treatment. By this pedicure, you would get feet as soft as rose. There is also a Shellac gel polish service there. This is done after manicure with an LED light. This gives a shiny glow to the nails.

What Is The Most Popular Summer Nail Color?

Bright summer nails add an alluring look to your nails. Who wouldn’t want to have a shiny summer manicure? Summer nail art designs are so many. Florals are the most versatile designs whether it is dresses or nail art. You can get a floral design for your nails with all the vibrant colors like yellow, orange, and pink. The flowers can be daisies. Daisies are symbolic of happiness and purity. Pink is always the most popular color when it comes to nail art. So, pink is the most popular summer nail color.

Neon colors are trending this season. So, you can get neon color nails. Neon colors are green, electric blue, pink, purple, and bright yellow.

anthony vince nail spa easton

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You can get French nail tips for summer. These are a classic nail art. With white French tips, this nail art has been there for a long time. But now, colors like bright blue tips are also getting popular.

Classy short nail designs can be abstract designs. You can always mix and match colors for nail designs. This can be combining ombre with glitter, abstract designs or floral. Round nails are a good idea for classy short nail designs. You can use a light nail polish or go with a brighter one. The overall look is chic. Almond summer nails are the most fashionable ones. These are also classic and feminine.

Acrylic nails are the most popular. You can get acrylic nails with ombre. Another option can be gel nails for summers. Gel nails do not need a lot of maintenance while acrylic nails need a lot of it. Glittery nails are also a good option. Glitter can be gold or multi-colored glitter. The nail polish with glitter nails should be lighter. Pastel nails are also good nail designs.

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