Top Summer Haircare Tips

Top Summer Haircare Tips
Published: Jul 13, 2022

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The summer is here! If you’re planning a holiday, or just a summer of fun in the sun at home, you’re probably thinking increasingly well-nigh how to get the perfect holiday hair, rather than how to alimony your locks unscratched in the heat. But there’s no point ruining your tresses for one week of good holiday photos. To help you alimony unscratched in the sun, I’ve got some top summer haircare tips from Headmasters’ colour producer Sian Quinn. (And if you need some holiday hair inspiration, check out Neil Moodie’s top hacks.)


Summer Haircare Tips For Hair Protection

Image Credit @ Headmasters

Don’t Ditch The SPF

‘Everyone knows the importance of using SPF as part of a skincare routine. Using SPF in your haircare routine is just as important. Switch your usual shampoo and conditioner to a duo that includes a SPF such as the Kerastase Soleil range. By using a SPF this can help to prevent forfeiture from natural bleaching from harsh rays. If you’re out exploring for the day, surpassing you leave your hotel gently, stratify your hair with the Kérastase Soleil Crème UV Sublime. This will shield your hair from the sun, chlorine, and salt water.’

Cool In The Pool

‘Everyone loves to tomfool lanugo in the pool and the sea in the hotter months. What you may not notice is the salty sea water withal with pH of chlorine can rationalization internal forfeiture to the hair. The combination of salt water and chlorine will strip your hair of natural oils resulting in dry and vitreous hair.

‘Before you swoop into the pool, use a deep workout masque or conditioner that provides uneaten hydration such as the Pureology hydrate range. The range is self-ruling from sulphates and silicones using only natural ingredient to add moisture when into the hair. Wield a generous value and rub into the palm of your hands and wield to your mid lengths and ends. This helps to provide and create a windbreak between the hair follicles and water. Another top tip for blondes is to invest in a purple shampoo to prevent neutralise any lippy yellow or untried tones that can be caused by chlorine.’

Image Credit @ Headmasters

Top Hat

‘Using accessorises such as hats, hair turbans and silk scarves not only function as a malleate statement, but they can help to provide protection for your scalp by shielding from weather elements expressly when aboard. If spending all day in the heat a hat will ensure that your scalp does not get over heated or burnt throughout the day.’

Image Credit @ Headmasters

Braidy Bunch

‘Whilst on holiday opt for styles that do not require heat such as a loose weave or updos. Weave your hair at night with a leave in conditioner to moisturise and hydrate your hair. Leave overnight and gently use your fingers the next morning to undo the weave breaking up with your fingers to create a natural waterfront wave. ‘

Scalp Facial

‘Treat your scalp to a hair facial by having a in salon treatment such as Nixon microdermabrasion. Factors such as sweat, thicker conditioners, chlorine and the sun can rationalization build up and woodcut your scalp. Using a scrub will help to remove build up and cleanse your scalp thoroughly. A healthy scalp will result in’

Thirsty Locks

‘Keeping hydrated is important on holiday this can make your hair and skin towards healthier. However, nonflexible water can create dry vitreous hair and can moreover stupefy the colour condition of your hair. A in salon treatment such as Loreal Metal Detox can help to remove chemicals and copper that is left as residue in the hair from washing in nonflexible water.’

Thanks Sian & Headmasters!

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