8 Stunning Makeup Tutorials That Have Taught Us the Most

8 Stunning Makeup Tutorials That Have Taught Us the Most
Published: Feb 13, 2024

We're always excited to learn new things when it comes to beauty: a fantastic (and strange) trick with Korean face powder to perfectly set foundation; how to apply glitter nail polish with a sponge for better results; and how applying a little bronzer under your bottom lip creates the illusion of a fuller pout. While we've gathered these tips from makeup artists, friends, and the dark corners of the internet, there's a constant stream of beauty products we can always trust as a source: makeup tutorials on YouTube.

The numbers don't lie: millions of people, including us here at our headquarters, come to the site to learn how to create amazing new styles. There's something strangely satisfying about watching someone perform an entire makeup routine from start to finish and watching the transformation unfold. For your convenience, we've rounded up our favorite tutorials (including some of our makeup tip videos). introduced the trick). to a large extent).

1: Gilded Fall Makeup

Gilded Fall Makeup

Sona Gasparian has a savvy way to apply dim lipstick: While dealing with the upper lip, slant your head down so you can get any regions you might have missed, as well as the other way around for the base lip (slant your head up). At the point when finished, Gasparian's made a dazzling chilly climate magnificence look, complete with Metropolitan Rot Well honed Fluid Eyeliner in Goldrush in her tear channels for an overlaid emphasize. That liner is off the market, however Revlon So Wild! Chrome Ink Fluid Pen Eyeliner in Bronzage ($9) is another great choice.

2: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Everyday Look

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Makeup Routine

At the point when a cosmetics craftsman posts a video of them doing a big name's glitz meeting, we feel like we've been allowed in on a major mystery (regardless of whether a large number of others approach the video, as well). Thusly, we stop, rewind, take notes, and test the peers out ourselves with an expectation and petition that it'll turn out half as great.

Take, for instance, this ideal consistently instructional exercise made by the astounding Lisa Eldridge on supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Tanned eyes? Check. Inconspicuous feature? Check. Dazzling completed item? Twofold check. Rosie even lets us in on her very own marvel mysterious: She generally just lines her upper lip prior to applying lip medicine to swindle the edges somewhat." (However any reasonable person would agree the pillowy-lipped model needn't bother with any cheating at all).

3: Elevated Drugstore Eyeshadow

Elevated Drugstore Eyeshadow

Current pharmacies sell an assortment of luxuriously pigmented, dependable cosmetics. This instructional exercise uncovers the most ideal way to get a raised, stylish eye look, utilizing items gathered altogether from your local pharmacy.

4: 30-Second Full Brows Tutorial

30-Second Full Brows Tutorial

At any point do your curves look, all things considered, excessively over-angled? Brush your temple hairs down rather than up prior to filling them in with a pencil so that you're following intently along the highest point of your forehead as opposed to reaching out past its regular example. Then, at that point, brush them once again into the right spot and apply a touch of concealer to any patches that actually need filling. At long last, use forehead powder on top of the concealer (doing this permits the powder to have a superior hold), et presto! Full, thick, and normal looking foreheads that aren't overdrawn.

5: Bella Hadid's Anti-Jet Lag Routine

Bella Hadid breaks down her jet-lag beauty routine

This video of Bella Hadid strolling us through her fast enemy of fly slack excellence routine seized a spot on our rundown of the best cosmetics instructional exercises since it's so brilliantly straightforward. With a couple of very much positioned items, Bella has a new confronted, no cosmetics look.

6: Kim Kardashian West's 10-Minute Beauty Routine

Kim Kardashian West's 10-Minute Beauty Routine

An interesting, real look at Kim Kardashian West doing her own cosmetics forces such countless chunks of intelligence. Tip one: She brushes on some Giorgio Armani fluid Illuminator under her establishment for an unpretentious gleam. Tip two: She applies establishment all around her face, lips included (this helps make preparations for variety later on).

Tip three: She prepares her concealer (a Kardashian wonder routine staple) with pink powder and sets the concealer around her mouth (to fill in lines) with yellow powder. Tip four: She spots a touch of highlighter right under her eyes (playing bashful and not letting us know what she's utilizing on the grounds that she makes them energize "things emerging") to enlighten her under-eyes.

7: Smoky Eye Look With Monika Blunder

Smoky Eye Look With Monika Blunder

We love that tonight look instructional exercise including two Byrdie favorites, VIP cosmetics craftsmen Joey Maalouf and Monika Screw up, utilizes Goof as the dream. Maalouf is a virtuoso at controlling the cosmetics to supplement what Screw up considers "mature" skin and demonstrates that a smoky eye is unquestionably flexible.

8: French Party Makeup

French Party Makeup

Ok, French magnificence. It's so unimaginably easy; it makes us keep thinking about whether there's a mystical improving mixture drifting in the Seine that warrants femmes Françaises to skirt the weighty cosmetics. Indeed, even in what she's named "party" cosmetics, vlogger Maripier Morin has made a glitz look that is as yet regular (not a portion of baking or strobing to be seen here). To finish everything off, every item is from Revlon (read: reasonable).

Frequently Asked Questions!

Why do people watch makeup tutorials?

Aside from living vicariously through these web-based recordings, it can likewise act as a method for dealing with hardship or stress for those hoping to escape from disagreeable feelings and repetitiveness," she notices. Sardesai likewise trusts that the bit by bit everyday practice of putting on cosmetics is a conscious, controlled act that can demonstrate remedial.

When was the first makeup tutorial?

Back in 2006, a lady named Adrienne K. Nelson transferred a video to YouTube named "Cosmetics Illustrations - LOOK HOT Quickly or Less." However it's indistinct on the off chance that magnificence related recordings were transferred previously, Nelson's video is many times credited as the principal cosmetics instructional exercise on YouTube.

Is learning makeup a skill?

Becoming the best at cosmetics involves a different arrangement of cosmetics craftsman abilities which are urgent for a cosmetics craftsman's prosperity. These envelop mastery in variety hypothesis, capability in different application procedures, versatility to various skin types, major areas of strength for and correspondence capacities.

Do you put concealer or foundation first?

Assuming you have flaws or pigmentation on the skin, you will need to put your base on first," makes sense of Lenny. Assuming you do your concealer first, you'll simply wind up covering or disturbing the work you did. Truly, you simply need to pat your concealer on as a last step and leave it.

Can you be a self taught makeup artist?

Indeed, cosmetics can be self-educated through devoted practice, online instructional exercises, books, and different assets. Notwithstanding, formal schooling and preparing can give organized learning, involved insight, and expert direction that might be valuable for an effective profession.