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In summer, getting ready can be tough. Because of the heat soaring, makeup tends to melt. Preparation is the mantra here. Summer is full of amazing things. It is the warmest season. It is the best season to experiment with different makeup looks. It is a great time to play with beauty. We see the social media filled with celebs nailing the summer makeup looks. Eye makeup is especially something that’s so special. But things are not the same when we do the makeup. But we see that makeup tends to melt, eyeliner gets smudged, and lipstick gets damaged. So, we definitely need a makeup tutorial for summer. So, here’s a quick makeup tutorial for summer with some tips and tricks for a long-lasting makeup:



Glowing skin makeup for everyday

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The most important part of your summer makeup is to get a glowing face. Now, this can be problematic for you in summer because of the heat. Apply primer as the first step. Now preparing the lips is also crucial. You need to prepare them for matte or whatever lipstick you are using.

After you apply the foundation, the next step is applying concealer under the eyes. This will hide all your imperfections. Blending, here, is essential. You can also contour the face. The key here is to finish everything with powder. Your makeup will remain in place. You can add bronzer too.

Your eyes are the most important part of your makeup. Begin by adding medium-dark eyeshadow to the crease. Apply the same eyeshadow to the corners of the eyes. Then apply eyeliner.

In the end, make use of a blush and a highlighter. For an extra glowing face and skin, apply a highlighter below the brows. Also, apply it to the corners of your eyes.



Some orange makeup tutorial

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Using a primer is the first step. Blend using a sponge. Apply concealer under the eyes. Apply it around your lips. This will hide imperfections. Then apply bronzer and highlighter. This will give that extra glowing look to the face. Highlighter needs to be applied to the inner corners of the eyes and under the eyebrows.

After getting done with your brows, you can start with your eyes. Orange is a very vibrant color. To check, first, apply the eyeshadow to your hand. And then apply with a flat brush on your lids. Blend it quickly so that it doesn’t dry up. Don’t overdo it. You can then add a small amount of black eyeshadow also. Use a bronzer to the low lash. Then finish with some mascara.


Everyday summer makeup

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Avoid hard foundations in the summer. They make things worse. Start with a concealer instead. Always use a beauty blender that is damp. Color your brows with a gel. Brush through them using a special small eye brush.

Then apply a small amount of bronzer to your eyes. It may be used as an eyeshadow. If you want to apply a cream blush, apply it to your hand first. This way you won’t apply excess product to your cheeks.

It is best to apply powder under the eyes- as this area shines a lot. In the end, use a small amount of highlighter on the cheekbones. And also under the brows. Also, apply on the nose. Then apply mascara at the end.


Cherry makeup

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Apply sun cream first. After that, apply primer and concealer. Apply a light and good coverage foundation. You can apply using a brush, or a sponge.

Do your eyebrows with a brush and a gel. Add a bronzer. You can use it as an eyeshadow also. Use a little bit darker eyeshadow for the lower lid. Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. Mascara can be applied on the lower lashes too.

Mix two pinkish lip liners. Apply one over the other. The upper layer would look like a cherry.




Peach eye makeup tutorial

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This is a classy makeup. It is fresh. Apply eyeshadow primer cream. Then apply white eyeshadow above it. Set with a cream eyeshadow from the palette. Then add some peachy color to the crease. Apply some warm brown color to the eye corners and on the crease. Blend it nicely.

Pick up the lightest shade from your palette. Apply it under the brow bone. By using a flat brush, put a gold eyeshadow over your lid. You can then apply mascara. Then do the lower lids.


Yellow makeup tutorial

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Start with a moisturizer. Then make sure it has UVA protection. Then apply concealer. Then add a color correction concealer.

Use a colored pomade to fill in your brows. And then apply a foundation. You can apply products for contouring as well. More the products, the more durable the makeup will be. Then finish with some setting powder.

Pick up a yellow eyeshadow from your palette. Use a blending brush to add a combination of orange and yellow to the eye corners. Blend the colors well.

Apply some white eyeshadow. Then set the look with blush, bronzer, and highlighter. A pink lipstick will look good.





Some colors on the eyes

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Begin first by working on the eyes. You can use any concealer. You can use a dry beauty blender. You can use a brush also. Apply a crease color which should be neutral. Blend it. Then use a darker orange shade. And bring it to your lid.

Then do the eyeliner. Choose a nice summer cool shade. Put false lashes. Use an eyeliner in a lilac shade. Apply another coat of magenta eyeshadow. Blend it using a small brush. Then you can do the face makeup.


Sunset-inspired eye makeup

SUNSET Smokey Eye with New Power Pigments | Makeup Tutorial - YouTube

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Sunset eye makeup is the perfect summer eye makeup. To achieve this, first, apply a yellow eyeshadow to the crease. Blend it. Then choose the orange shade. Blend the red and dark purple and apply it to your lids. Then do the mascara. Apply false lashes. Apply black eyeliner.

Apply foundation too. Then apply concealer. Then apply setting powder. Then finish with a matte lipstick.