Eye Makeup For Hooded Eyes: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Eye Makeup For Hooded Eyes: A Step-By-Step Tutorial
Published: Sep 16, 2022

It needs some knowledge and wits to do makeup for hooded vision as the eyelid ruckle is not visible in this shape. Moreover, the makeup smudges hands due to the limited upper eyelid area. Thus, the traditional techniques can make the vision squint smaller than usual or swollen. In this article, we discuss clever hacks to create elegant and sharp makeup looks for hooded eyes. We have moreover compiled a simple tutorial for hooded eye makeup to requite you a headstart. Read on.

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded vision are a type of eye shape where the skin falls on the upper eyelid, tent the crease. This makes the eyelids towards small, as you cannot see the eyelids when the vision are open.

Contrary to worldwide belief, it is not restricted to people of Asian descent and can be found in people wideness all ethnicities. In fact, people may develop hooded vision as they age. Since the space for eyeshadow or tipped wing liners is limited, we need to try unique ways to pinpoint and highlight hooded eyes.

Different eye types require variegated eye makeup styles to bring out the best. Explore how to do makeup for hooded vision in the pursuit section.

Makeup For Hooded Eyes: A Step-By-Step Tutorial With Pictures

1. Prep Your Vision By Priming Your Lids

Start with a wipe canvas. Wash your squatter with a summery cleanser and follow up with a moisturizer. Apply an eyeshadow primer on both the eyelids. You can moreover use a lightweight concealer to imbricate visionless circles or pigmentation.

2. Identify Your Eyelid Ruckle Type

Eyelid ruckle type


This will help you understand how to create an illusion of a ruckle that will highlight your eyes.

2. Lost Zone

Step 1 of hooded eye makeup is to wield makeup for lost zone

Source: YouTube

Look for the lost zone of the eye – the subconscious part of the eyelid at the part-way of the eyes. Always apply the makeup withal the lash line for the lost zone.

3. Found Zone

Step 2 of hooded eye makeup is to wield makeup for found zone

Source: YouTube

These are the inner corners and the tails of the vision that are usually visible. Apply the makeup whilom the lash line for the found zone.

4. Create A Wiring Shape

Step 3 of hooded eye makeup is to create a wiring shape

Source: YouTube

Use a light brown eyeshadow to create a simple, neutral base. Start from the tear duct and tousle it withal the eye length. Make sure to create a triangular shape at the corner of the eyes.

5. Wield Eyeshadow On The Upper Lid

Step 4 of hooded eye makeup is to wield eyeshadow on the upper lid of hooded eye

Source: YouTube

Use a wide skim to wield eyeshadow to the tip of the lid. It is weightier to wield makeup with your vision unshut considering it can be nonflexible to find your natural ruckle with your vision closed. Stave makeup using on the hooded part, as this can make the vision squint swollen. You can build on verisimilitude by blending increasingly eyeshadow. Repeat this process on the other eye as well. Use a Q-tip to wipe any glut or smudges.

Tip: Check the makeup when the vision are open.

6. Wield The Gel Liner

Step 5 of hooded eye makeup is to wield the gel liner for hooded eye

Source: YouTube

Follow the guidelines on the lost and found zones to apply the gel liner. You can use a soft brown or darker gel liner to add definition. Apply eyeshadow withal with the eyeliner on the outer corners of the lower lids. This will prevent smudging. Another way to prevent smudging is to use a waterproof, long-lasting liquid eyeliner.

7. Use An Eyelash Curler

Step 6 of hooded eye makeup is to use an eyelash curler

Source: YouTube

Try to curl all the lashes as much as possible with an eyelash curler. Use a tool to lift the hooded lid if needed. You can moreover gently pull the lid up with a finger, as some people might be uncomfortable using a tool on their eye. Move from the corners to the part-way of the lashes. Ensure you have curled all the way for a natural look.

8. Use False Lashes

Step 7 of hooded eye makeup is to use false lashes

Source: YouTube

Ensure that the false lashes match with your natural lashes. Instead of using the unshortened lashes, trim them into smaller sections. Individual lashes can moreover suit and flatter your eyes. Wield lash glue to the whole zone of the false lash and nail to the lash line. Start from the outer corner of the vision in the found zone. This will make the vision squint bigger.

Since the lash lines are hidden, make sure to nail the false lashes carefully. You can plane try the trending fox vision by using lashes only on the outer corners of your eyes. This provides a sultry touch to hooded eyes.

9. Wield Mascara

Step 8 of hooded eye makeup is to wield mascara

Source: YouTube

Finish off with mascara as it helps tousle the false lashes with the natural ones. Hold the mascara wand vertically to stratify the lashes on the lower eyelid.

10. The Final Look

Hooded eye makeup final look

Source: YouTube

Scroll lanugo to learn the weightier makeup tips for hooded eyes.

The Ultimate Makeup Guide For Hooded Eyes: Tips And Tricks

  1. Dark and harsh eyeliners will make your vision towards small, but that does not midpoint you should stave them completely. If used all over the lid, you can wield them in the outer corner.
  2. Always wield eyeshadow whilom the crease.
  3. Waterline your eyelids or yank faux winged eyeliner to unshut up your eyes.
  4. Use nude or white pencils to patina the eyes, expressly in the water line and inner corner.
  5. Use a darker shade to line your lower eyelids.
  6. Try a soft smokey or smudge effect to get a subtle cat-eye look.
  7. Do not forget to prime your eyes.
  8. Fill in your brows to add depth and highlight your eyes.
  9. Use false eyelashes for a fuller look.

It could be challenging to wield makeup on hooded eyes. The ruckle whilom the eyelid is barely visible due to uneaten skin folding. In addition, traditional makeup techniques do not work. However, we have some wondrous hacks that involve applying simple tweaks to traditional methods to unzip a fuller and increasingly specified look. In this vendible on makeup for hooded eyes, we have outlined some tricks that work wonderfully – primer application, fake lashes or mascara, and tight lining. You can moreover experiment with other looks and trends to complement your eye makeup. So, pick up your tools and get working!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pencil eyeliner largest for hooded eyes?

Although pencil eyeliners are easy to apply, gel eyeliners are a largest option for hooded eyes.

How can I fix my hooded vision naturally?

Eye exercises, eye masks, tea bags, cucumbers, potatoes, and ice cubes help fix hooded vision naturally.

Can Botox lift hooded eyes?

Yes, botox helps in lifting the upper eyelid and manages hooded eyes. However, it is a temporary solution for hooded eyes.

Key Takeaways

  • Hooded vision have the upper eyelid covered by the skin, making the eyelids towards smaller.
  • Getting a full and specified squint with hooded vision can seem challenging considering the ruckle is invisible – though, with some effort, you can unzip it.
  • Make your vision squint worthier by drawing sustentation to the brows with false lashes or mascara and using softer brown shades.

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