Exploring the Different Types of Hooded Eyes Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

Exploring the Different Types of Hooded Eyes Makeup Tutorials for Beginners
Published: Aug 11, 2023

Glamour, glitter and giggles. That what you will get in our todays article. Here’s to all the make up enthusiast, gather up and dive with us into the amazing world of creativity and art. Let’s chase the glam with us! If you are someone who loves to play with colours and pigmentations. Then you have cone at the right place. Think and imagine your face as a canvas. A plain canvas with features and shapes. Now grab a brush and stroke some colours onto it. If you are a makeup artist, you know how much each stroke can be different and crucial from other. Makeup is like an art. It is an adventure. Every time you hold your brush and a wand of lipstick, you get ready to explore the possibilities of art that you will explore. Specially the eye makeup. They have many variants and colour options to try out.

Makeup Tutorial for Hooded Eyes for Beginners: A Beginner's Guide

Makeup Tutorial for Hooded Eyes

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In this post, you can choose best hooded eye makeup tutorial for beginners in New York. Get a exploring wide range of best Makeup tutorial for hooded eyes for beginners is always in demand. Everyone wants to get that bold and subtle look. Here are some of the hooded eyes makeup tutorial for beginners to try-

  • Classic smoky eye- Smokey helps to transcends the eye shape. And hooded eyes are no exception for them. Apply the neutral shade all over your eyelids and then continue with rest of the guided makeup given below.
  • Cut crease- This makeup look us the direct ticket to the well-defined makeup and mesmerising eyes. Carefully draw onto the natural eye crease and apply the darker shadow above the cut line. Bled it out to make it look seamless.
  • Halo eyes- This eye makeup can bring out the radiance to your all over makeup look. You will need a midtone shadow in your crease and the outer corner. And some shimmer in the centre.
  • Inner corner pop- For hooded eye makeup tutorial for beginners, this is the best way to start. Just put some pop of highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes. It will instantly increase the whole look.
  • Gradient technique- Makeup tutorial for hooded eyes for beginners can be complicated. Just like this technique. It involves the blending of various shade to give the proper gradient look. Sounds complicated but it can work wonders specially for the hooded eyes.

How to Do Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes Beginners?

If you are keen for new eye make up every day but don’t know where to begin from? Worry no more! We have got your back.

Step 1: Prep with primer

Start the eye makeup by preparing your eyelids by applying the primer to your lids. It will prevent makeup from creasing.

Step 2: Puff-Fluff

Use a fluffy blending brush and apply a neutral shade above your natural crease. It will help you create a subtle depth to your eyeshadow.

Step 3: Define the crease

Now take a slightly darker shade to bring the transition to your makeup. Apply at the outer corner of your eye and into your crease. And then blend, blend, blend.

Step 4: Add some shimmer

Apply some shimmer on the canter of your lid using a finger or flat brush.

Step 5: Brow bone

Time to highlight the brow bone. Use a light and matte shade to highlight the brow bone and to lift your eyes.

Step 6: Mascara and tightline

Using black pencil line up the upper waterline. It will fluff out your lashes in appearance. Use mascara and let the magic happen.

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The hooded eye makeup is all done. You can continue with rest of your makeup and let your face shine!

How Do You Cover Hooded Eyelids With Makeup Tutorial?

Hooded Eyelids With Makeup Tutorial

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Eye makeup for hooded eyes can be complicated sometimes. (But seriously, not when you follow our guide!) While doing the hooded eyelids makeup keep in mind the following things and get a fabulous result.

  • First things first, never ever forget about your primer! It is a must no matter what kind of makeup you are doing.
  • Use the neutral matte shades that match your skin tone. It will give you a smooth canvas to show case your art on.
  • While doing rest of the eye makeup, go for the darker shades than the base shade. And use soft blending brushes for smooth sweep.
  • Applying shimmer is ALWAYS a good idea. It draws the attention and make your eyes look wider and awake.
  • Don’t miss out on mascara to define the whole eye makeup look.

How to Do Winged Eyeliner on Hooded Eyes for Beginners 2023?

Okay makeup girlies, hear this out. It may look easy, but getting that perfect wing is way harder than you think! You basically need to prepare the whole guideline!

  1. Start from the out corner of your eye and gently bring it in.
  2. Draw a short line extending upwards and then outwards. Ensure to follow the angle!
  3. From where you started your liner, draw a dot. It will be the end point of your wing. The draw another dot to make a width of liner
  4. Lastly, connect the dots and fill in the wing

And there you! Your perfect winged liner is gracefully sitting on your eye.

Sonali Tomar