The Good Doctor's Guide to Colds and Flu - refreshed with COVID - 9 data in January 2021

There is such a lot of deception about the Covid out there. We should hear it directly from the specialists on the bleeding edge. The Good Doctor's Guide to Colds and Flu by pulmonologist, Dr. Neil Schachter, MD, is being refreshed in January to remember information for COVID-19. This book has a ton of extraordinary tips about securing yourself and treating colds and influenza. For instance, possibly this appears glaringly evident now in the COVID-19 period however he says to never acquire a pen during cold and influenza season. Carry your own pen to sign receipts or to check in at your primary care physician's office. I'm absolutely energetic about that at this point! There's additionally some extraordinary exhortation on home cures and drugs.

The great specialist himself has chosen to give ALL of the returns from this book to patient support associations to assist with guarding us! Dr. Schachter is supporting the present giveaway to urge more individuals to wear those covers!

So we should discuss covers. I'll be quick to concede – I don't glance cool in a cover! Haha! The main beneficial thing is the veils conceal the vast majority of my skin break out. You folks are griping about maskne, yet I've been managing that stuff since pubescence! Welcome to the club!

I'm certainly going to have to continue to wear covers for the remainder of the year and likely the vast majority of 2021. I have previous conditions that put me at high-hazard for COVID-19 (POTS which causes windedness – and thyroid malignant growth). So on the off chance that I need to go to a store, I am veiling it up. In any case, I have discovered some approaches to make veils more stylish and much simpler to wear.

I have as of late began wearing my blogger companion Lara's cover chains. You might know her as @prettyconnected on Instagram. Her veil chains are for the most part the fury at the present time and cherished by famous people like Sarah Jessica Parker (the sovereign of style herself!).

In these pics I'm wearing the short Mermaid Mini chain alongside the panther print Simple Satch cover that I was sent for this giveaway, yet I just purchased the long form of the mermaid chain as well.

Pretty Connected mermaid mask chain and Simple Satch leopard print mask giveaway

They are SO CUTE you guys! And so useful – when you’re not wearing the mask, it’s ready and waiting around your neck, and when you are wearing it, the chain loops give you a little extra style! There are lots of styles to choose from – and they can be worn by men or women.

Glo Skin Beauty cool smokey eye set

I additionally love their skincare – particularly the peeling AHA items. For this giveaway, I'll incorporate the Smokey Eye Kit ($40) AND the Retinol Plus C Smoothing Peel in a Box ($75)! On the off chance that you can't go to a spa or dermatologist the present moment, this is an extraordinary at-home, proficient level pack for sparkling skin.

In any case, that is not all people! Notwithstanding the Pretty Connected veil chain, Simple Satch cover, Glo smokey eye pack and Retinol + C skincare set, I'm likewise including a $50 Amazon gift voucher! We could all utilization some seasonal joy the present moment, isn't that so?