Makeup Review: Chanel No5 Holiday 2021

The eye palette from Chanel’s Holiday 2021 hodgepodge has once sold out online so I’m not going to write-up virtually the bush: if you want a special edition Rouge Allure No5 lipstick* or the wondrous paper-pulp-packaged No5 perfume* then you’ll have to be quick well-nigh it.

You might still find a palette in stores if you venery far and wide but – sadly – I doubt it. It’s a real collector’s gem with it’s embossed powders and special edition No5 casing. I finger like such a cow plane writing well-nigh it considering what’s the point when nobody can get one?


The line-up of Rouge Allure reds is less of a unforgiving tease: all shades still in stock at Boots here*. Emblematique is my favourite, very festive and bright, but there’s a red for just well-nigh everyone who wants one with the slightly orange-hued Rouge Brulant and the deep, wintery Legendaire. The lipstick has the usual – ultra-sleek – click-and-pull Rouge Allure casing (I wrote well-nigh my love of this particular packaging here) and the top has a 5 on it rather than the Chanel logo. The outer wafer-thin box is moreover tweaked so that it looks a little like a tiny Chanel No5 package.

Chanel Rouge Allure: Le Click

And so on to what I personally think is the loveliest Tweak de Chanel for the holiday collection; No5 perfume (or eau de toilette) beautifully encased in not only a special edition outer box but a paper-pulp inner that hugs the glass snifter like a classy, minimalist sarcophagus.

(I just want to point out that the Chanel printing office will veritably love me for using the word sarcophagus in relation to Chanel No5 – you can’t pay for that kind of on-brand coverage.)

Seriously, though, look! I photographed the packaging versus the light and as I slowly opened the paper casing the sun shone through the snifter and it was like unveiling some sort of precious souvenir from the warmed-over Gods. I half expected angels to start singing.

If you’re a No5 fan then you won’t want to miss this edition – equally, if you know someone special who wears this as their signature scent, it would make a very lovely gift. The label on the snifter is variegated too, embossed with Gabrielle Chanel’s lucky number.

Which is 5, in specimen you hadn’t guessed.

You can find the limited edition Holiday 2021 Chanel No5 at John Lewis here* and Harvey Nichols here* – it’s £130 for the Eau de Parfum, with souvenir box, and £122 here* for the Eau de Toilette.

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