Christmas Smokey Eye Makeup for Women in New York

Christmas Smokey Eye Makeup for Women in New York
Published: Oct 18, 2023

Looking for some awesome inspiration as holiday makeup looks then you will love our top 10 christmas eye makeup 2024. Christmas eye makeup can include classic looks with a hint of sparkle and shine. Some ideas include:

Silver eyeshadow and peach glossy lips

Green eyeshadow and matte red lipstick

Graphic eyeliner and ombré lips

Red and gold, with gold highlighter on the cheeks

Green eyeshadow, with a golden pencil

You can use products like:

Eyeshadows, Eyeliners, Kajals, Mascaras, Eye chalks, Eye sparkles.

You can also try the foiling method, which involves mixing your eyeshadow with a makeup base like primer or setting spray.

The Benefit Cosmetics were started by a pair of twins, who were also models, Jean Ford and Jane in 1976.  The benefit cosmetic brand is based out of San Francisco. They made a unique beauty boutique having a cool touch with the feel candy-store atmosphere. The twin delivered every girls beauties needs and quick fixes for their beauty needs.

christmas eye makeup

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The twins together used their qualities of know-how and insanity built Benefit Cosmetics into an internationally beauty brand. Their products and packaging main motto is to make people believe that Laughter is the best makeup you can wear. The twins Benefit Cosmetics is all about making beauty loved and fun without any hesitation. The cosmetics they provide gives an hassle free application also. They carefully curated their packaging with love and lots and lots of designs.

This power primer works 360 degrees near the eyes to make the eye shadows and concealers stay as well as they were, to stay put. The benefit concealers can’t crease and stays put and vibrant because of its smooth and carefully curated formulas. You can do Christmas eye makeup, Smokey eye wedding makeup and black and orange eye makeup as well with our concealers and it will not move for hours and the concealer is waterproof as well.

It is very hydrating and contains vitamins that help you to fight the signs of aging. Eye shadow primer is a cream based or liquid product that is applied on the under eyes or eyelids to make it even to the rest of the skin color and helps eyeliner go on last longer and smoother.

Soft Natural Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes

There are many choices available when it comes to making a look for the women with brown eyes look perfectly natural. Brown is actually a mixture of primary colors that means that any natural eye color makeup will look bomb on brown eyes and also Smokey eye wedding. Although, the factor of concern is the deepness of the individuals eye color whether is it medium brown, dark brown, a mixture of golden and brown or almost black?

Soft Natural Makeup Looks

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Most  brown eyes shades have a elegant, underlying color that is only to be seen in certain lighting, as the twins of benefit cosmetic says “The most common underlying colors are amber and orange (generally for medium depth of brown), garnet and red (generally for deeper brown eyes), and golden and yellow (generally for a lighter brown eye).

Twins recommends on paying attention on color theory when checking which natural eye makeup colors brings out the best brown eyes. According to the color wheel, the most benefitting color for each hue is mentioned directly across from the wanted color. As a rule of makeup artists, jewel tones work best to brighten and bring out the best in brown eyes because they have the same depth she adds.

To make brown eyes set a statement, it's good to use colors contradictory to brown, for example purple and deep blue says the benefit twins. Purple shades stand out and work very well for brown eyes, as they highlight the depth of your iris. Make the monochrome look by creating a plum to purple shade all around your eyelids and eyes. You can also make black and orange eye makeup work with your brown eyes.

Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Clinique's gentle eye makeup remover. Creamy, rich lotion which spreads very easily and quickly as well as evenly through your eye area. This can effectively suck up any signs of makeup on your eye area without making you feel oily after applying this. Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is created with a non-greasy feel formula.

Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

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It is suitable for all skin types. Oily skin people can also use this as this will not get them o breakout. It is as gentle to the eyes as Johnson as Johnson baby is. It is tested by Ophthalmologist. Contact lenses wearers can also use this without irritating their eyes. Clinique is known around the globe for effective formulas and safe formulas that mixes and makes it an industry-leading brand with modern expertise and innovations in makeup, skincare and beyond.

Its specifications are as follows -

Hypoallergenic: Yes

Product Size: 75ml

Dermatologically Tested: Yes

Fragrance Free: Yes

Product Texture: Milk

And is suitable for all skin types

You can use Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover as Apply the remover to eyelids and gently massage on your lashes to make your mascara melt right away. I remove mine with a gentle remover pad not with a tissue. In my opinion Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is better than mary kay eye makeup remover.

How to Cover a Black Eye with Makeup?

When any damage occurs around your eyes, the small blood vessels surrounding your eyes can cause bruising of your eye which is also called as a black eye. There is no particular reason for a black eye to occur, it can be caused by a number of reasons, such as an allergic reaction, blunt trauma to the face, following facial surgeries or sinus diseases, and it can generally take upto around 2 weeks to go away.

However, 2 weeks may seem like 2 years to the person who is having the black eye. But you can always cover your black eye with makeup as makeup is a girls best friends we all know that. While it's healing process we can use make up as a savior. All we need is a matching skin tone concealer with a green concealer. Taking care of your black eye is also a very crucial step to follow, so what you can do is you can apply a cool compress or pad regularly to the affected area that will help in reducing the swelling, take painkillers only if it is painful and concern your doctor if needed.

Steps to conceal black eye with makeup

1: Apply any cold compress or pas if you have swelling and wait for 5-10 minutes for the swelling to go away.

2: Use green color concealer around your eyes. You can apply it with brush or your hands as well.

3: Put a coat of concealer over the green concealer that matches with your skin tone.

4: Apply setting powder to set the makeup.

5: You can apply mascara to distract people’s attention from your under eye.

Christmas Eye Makeup Step by Step Guide

Women and men nowadays are getting very creative and arty with their makeup skills these days. They can make anything out of makeup; they can change their whole appearance with the help of makeup and can catfish anyone easily.

Apart from that, Christmas is on the way LADIES! Get ready with your make up products and brushes, I am going to tell you the step by step guide to achieve an effortless and bomb Christmas eye makeup look and discuss with you the color theories of Christmas makeup look.

1: Take an eye shadow Palette with the hues and colors you want to use.

2: Go with a lighter Shade of concealer first to conceal all the uneven tone and darkness around your eye area.

3: Apply the red or green color eye shadow on your eyelid in horizontal manner.

4: Then press Glitter with your index finger or a small makeup brush up on the eyelid applied eye shadow.

5: Then apply a black eyeliner, whether to wing it out or not, its totally upto your choice.

6: The final step is to apply false eyelashes to make your eyes look bigger and fuller.

And voila! By following these simple and easy steps you can achieve your dream Christmas eye makeup look in less than 30 minutes.