Published: Jun 27, 2022

By Bhawna

Eye makeup is necessary for a variety of reasons. It makes you look gorgeous. Every woman wants to be admired and to win admiration, makeup is important. Makeup, especially eye makeup can enhance your beauty. If somebody praises your eyes, it becomes even more special. So, you should know how to do makeup for the eyes. 
Most of the women are busy applying concealer, blush, and foundation. They forget about their eyes. But makeup is incomplete without eye makeup. Whether you have a dark or a fair complexion, how does that matter? You can look good if your eyes are attractive. Good eye makeup helps hide the blemishes in the face. Each one of us has some or the other flaws in the face. A good eye makeup hides those flaws. Eye makeup is in demand. And it doesn’t really require some extra efforts- you can apply an eyeliner and even that gives that effect. Well, there is more to it. It has a mascara, eyeshadow, and of course, an eye liner is there. 

Eye makeup can be quite a difficult terrain. It requires skills to master. It takes years of practice. But there are certain hacks also. So, let’s take a look at some easy eye makeup hacks:

DIY gel eyeliner

How to Make Waterproof Eyeliner at Home - DIY Liquid Eyeliner  VedaOils
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If you do not have gel eyeliner, don’t worry. You can make a DIY gel eyeliner at home. You simply need to heat the tip of your eyeliner pencil under a flame. Do it for a second and not too long. And you will see that it can be used as a gel eyeliner. Let it cool before you apply it to your eyes. 

Using a Highlighter

How to Use Highlighter in Cream, Stick or Powder Form
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For bright-looking eyes, you can use a highlighter. Apply it around your eyes. First, you need to use a layer with a translucent powder. And then, apply a liquid or cream highlighter. This will make your eyes brighter. And also you would be more visible. 

Make your eyes appear bigger
 10 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger / Bright Side
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This is a great makeup hack for those with small eyes. Instead of using black mascara, use brown mascara. Brown mascara should be used on lower lashes. This will make your eyes look bigger than before. You can also use white or neutral-colored eye pencil on the lower eyelids. This makes the eyes look bigger. 

Bright eyeshadow
 Juvia's Place Masquerade Mini Palette | Colorful Eyeshadow Tutorial -  YouTube | Colorful eyeshadow, Juvia makeup, Eyeshadow tutorial
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If you want eyeshadow colors to look more vibrant, this makeup hack is for you. In this eye makeup hack, apply white eyeshadow or eyeliner on the eyelids. But this should be done before layering the eyeshadow. This will make the eyeshadow look brighter. 

Perfectly winged eyeliner
 How to Create the Perfect Winged Eyeliner - Bellatory
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If you want a perfectly winged eyeliner, you can use some household things. These can be a spoon, tape, or credit cards. You can achieve a perfect winged eyeliner with any of these things. Use these things to even the lines. This is the most popular makeup hack. 

How to use mascaras again
 ONE Mascara Two Ways | How To Apply Mascara Like A Pro | MakeupAndArtFreak  - YouTube
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If your mascaras have dried up, here is a makeup hack to regain them. Just add some drops of eye drops into the tube. Then, it would be easy to use them again. Also, if you have a mascara brush that you feel is perfect, don’t throw it. Clean it and you can use it again. 

Don’t let mascara get onto your skin
 Wearing mascara every day is bad for your eyes, docs warn
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When you are applying mascara, use a spoon. A spoon should be used to cover the eyelids and apply the mascara. Another makeup hack is to hold the spoon below the lash line when you are applying the mascara. This way the mascara won’t get onto your skin. 

Layer one mascara over another
 How to Apply Mascara like a Pro ? Hacks, Tips & Tricks | IPSY
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You can layer one mascara brand over another one. This will allow you to get the best out of both of them. You can use combinations as you prefer and wish.

De-puffing the eyes
 Kopari De-Puffing Eye Balm Seriously Works Like an Instagram Filter
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There is sometimes puffiness or swelling under the eyes. To reduce it, you can apply a cold compress under your eyes. You can use an ice cube wrapped in a cotton cloth. You then have to gently dab it under your eyes. The puffiness will vanish quickly. 

Apply some concealer in the under-eye region
 How to conceal under-eye dark circles the right way | Be Beautiful India
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Dark circles make the eyes appear smaller. By applying concealer under the eyes, it will help even tone the skin. It will also make the eye area shiny. Apply concealer on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. This is required because these regions look darker. 

Smokey brown eyeshadow
 Warm Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial + GIVEAWAY - YouTube
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A brown eyeshadow will look good for both day and night looks. You can wear a smokey brown eyeshadow look. It looks good on all skin tones. It creates a fashion statement. It enhances the appearance of the eyes. To make your eyes look bigger, use a darker color on your crease. Then, make it lighter as you move to the brow bone. You can also use an accent color to define the edges. This will add that extra shining. 

Use a volumizing mascara
 The 14 Best Volumizing Mascaras in 2022
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Use a mascara that’s waterproof-based. It will enhance your eyelashes and also make the eyes look bigger. It is perfect for an everyday look. To create a lash-lifting effect, use a volumizing mascara by swiping it at the base of the lashes and then moving to the ends. 

Eye makeup is undoubtedly important. There are certain steps to it like cleaning the eyes, drying the eyes, then moisturizing the skin around the eyes, creating a base, using eyeshadow, using eyeliner, and using mascara. If you want a good look, then give importance to eye makeup. It will make you look gorgeous. The above-mentioned makeup hacks related to eyes can do the work for you. These are some easy and quick steps. And you would look good definitely and positively.