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Most of us know how to do makeup but still, there are some areas where we lag behind. We all know the basics of doing makeup like removing waterproof mascara, applying foundation, applying concealer, how to apply blush. But there are some genius and next-level makeup hacks that you should know if you want to succeed in this makeup game. So, let’s take a look at some genius makeup hacks that can help you in your makeup:

The initial work
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If you want to get rid of puffy skin, here is a makeup hack. Place a stack of aluminum foil in the freezer. Take it out and put it on your face for 15 minutes. It will help in de-puffing your skin, and also improve blood circulation for a healthy glow. 
For a smooth skin, mix some facial oil into your foundation before applying. 
If you have this issue with your concealer: it sits on the skin and makes the imperfections more visible than actually concealing, then mix a little eye cream before using concealer. This will actually make it smooth and easy to blend. 

How to apply blush
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Most of us apply the blush in the wrong way. Most of us apply it in a back and forth way from cheeks to temples. But the correct way is to move it an infinity sign from temples to cheeks and again in that direction back. This gives the correct finish. 
And if you have overdone your blush, then don’t remove the excess of it. This will make it uneven. Instead, apply some foundation over it.
When you find it difficult to find a highlighter of the right shade, you can try an eye shadow instead. 

Eye makeup
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A smoky eye is not that difficult. Draw a slanted hashtag at the outermost corner of the eyelid and mix it towards the inner corner. The smoky eye becomes easy using this makeup hack. 
You really don’t need difficult eyebrow products when you have regular moisturizer that can do the work for you. Simply use a mascara wand and brush up through the brows. 
If you are dealing with puffy eyes, what you can do is store some eye lotion in the icebox. Use this over your eyelids before putting on the makeup. 
Eyelashes are difficult to curl. You can use a waterproof mascara instead. It will hold the lashes curled. 
There is a unique way to get feathery eyelashes. Dust powder over the eyelashes before applying the mascara. 
There are days when you would have a dried-out mascara or eyeliner. To overcome this, you can add 2 or 3 drops of eye drops into it. Then shake it. Stir the mascara wand also. 
Using a white eyeliner can be something new to the same monotonous eye palettes. A dark liner on the waterline can close the eyes in. The white eyeliner can make the eyes look bigger. It will highlight the natural look. 
Here is a makeup hack to get flawless wings. Get a sticky tape and place it along the sides of the eye. Please make sure to place it where you are placing your liquid liner. Then draw along the line and remove the tape. It is a simple trick. 
There is a makeup hack to apply eyeliner to complement the eye shape. Each person has different eye shapes. Hence, the eyeliner should be applied differently. So, you need to see what your eye shape is. Then figure out how you need to apply the best eyeliner and the best way. 
If your tube of mascara is becoming dry, then add a few drops of saline solution. Swirl it. This will add moisture to the mascara. 
If you don’t have an eyeliner, then there is no problem. Then wet a brush with water or setting spray. Then dip the wet brush in the eyeshadow. Then you need to line the eye as you would do with a normal liner. 
Don’t use a dark eyeliner to your entire eye. After applying eyeliner to the upper lash line, don’t apply more, or else your eyes would look smaller. 
Curl your eyelashes more than once. If you want long, full lashes, don’t just press down the eyelash curler once. When using it, use it more than once. 
Brush the eyebrows into place. Apply a small amount of hair gel or hairspray to a brush and then use it to set the brows into place. 

Nails makeup

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It becomes difficult to dry the painted nails. Put freshly painted nails into ice-cold water. This will enhance the speed of the drying process. 
Here is a makeup hack to remove nail polish by using a tampon. Hold a tampon with a plastic applicator. Then pour some nail polish remover on the lid of the nail polish. Then dip the cotton tip of the tampon into the lid. You can now take your nail paint away without ruining your fingernails. 

Cleaning the beauty blender
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Here is a hack to clean the beauty blender- Put a small amount of dishwashing liquid in the beauty blender. Then immerse your sponge in the water. And then microwave for a minute. Then let the blender cool. 

Lips’ makeup
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It isn’t easy to apply lipstick over the lipline. This makeup hack is for you if you feel so. You start with a lip liner. Instead of the usual line of the lip shape. Then draw an X at the Cupid’s bow. 
Use a lip liner to make the lips look bigger. They can make your pout look bigger. 

Apply concealer in this way
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There is a different way to apply concealer. Instead of making dots, apply it in an upside-down triangle. This will brighten the dark circles. 

Get the last drops
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When you think that liquid makeup is empty, it is not really empty. There would definitely be some concealer or foundation in the bottle. It just needs to be squeezed out. You can buy a spatula and to get those last drops.