Published: Jul 19, 2022

By Bhawna

Summer has come. It is full of amazing things. But when it comes to makeup, things that messed up. Makeup tends to melt. So you would want sweat-proof makeup look. So, there have to be some makeup hacks. As season changes, we require to switch up our makeup routine. So, let’s take a look at some makeup hacks for this summer that will keep your makeup neat and tidy:

Begin with the right moisturizer

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The right moisturizer builds the necessary start for the makeup. You care for your skin, right? So, see what makeup you are applying on it. Apply an oil-free moisturizer. This should be applied in the morning. Taking an oil-free one is an important thing. 


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Hydrating your skin is important, as seen in the previous step. Please ensure that your skin is protected from the sun properly. This means that you need to wear an SPF of 30 or higher sunscreen every day. This is important because it protects the makeup and the skin from the sun. No one would like applying makeup over sunburned skin. You should re-apply sunscreen every two hours. 

Use mattifying products
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The first step in makeup for summer is that you should take care of your complexion. Because of the warm weather, skin can become greasy. Here, mattifying skin care products can do the necessary help. If you look overly shiny in the summer, try adding some mattifying skin care products to your skin care and makeup routine. 
There are many mattifying skin care products available in the market. They act like magnet and remove dirt and oil away from the skin. You can try a lightweight water-based moisturizer with a matte finish for oily skin. You can use a mattifying face mask. 

Use a moisturizer that has an SPF
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Using a moisturizer formulated with SPF can speed up your makeup routine. There are many available in the market. Keep doing touch-ups throughout the day. 

Use primer before applying foundation

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Primer is a very useful makeup product. Primer gives the face essential beginning for applying foundation. It can keep the makeup in place. Use a mattifying primer for best results. It can smoothen the face and hide imperfections. It also has a matte finish. To apply it, apply by blending in a circular motion over the entire face. The best part about primer is that it can worn alone too. Or you can always wear it under the foundation. 

Use a long-lasting foundation
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A long-lasting foundation is what everyone needs whether it is summer or winter. Also, in summer, especially, you would want a lightweight foundation. The formula of foundation should apply medium to full coverage. 

Use a proper concealer
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Find a perfect concealer. The heat can make the makeup melt. So, you need a perfect proper concealer that doesn’t melt in the heat. To apply, take a small amount of it and apply it into the blemished areas. Then use the makeup blender to blend. 

Use pro-matte powder
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First, apply foundation. Then apply concealer. Then, after these two steps, apply a matte powder. This dusting with a matte powder is important. It will give that extra layer of matte. It will keep the complexion fresh too. 

Use a BB cream
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On very hot days, you would not want to do makeup. Then, use a BB cream. It is a magical cream. It hydrates the skin. It is like a combination of primer and foundation. 

Some setting spray
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This is like a perfect touch-up. After applying makeup, this setting spray has to be applied. And it has got a special way of application. Hold it like 8 inches away from your face. And then spray four to six times. Spraying of the setting powder has to be done in a X and T fashion. 

Keep blotting sheets ready
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You would definitely feel that your face is becoming greasy by using makeup. Here is a solution to it. Put some blotting papers in your bag. These blotting sheets will absorb the extra greasiness from the skin’s surface. Also, your makeup will be intact. 

Use shiny lipsticks
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In summer, you would want to give your lips a shiny look. So, you can choose some rich, shiny lipsticks. These can in a variety of shades. These look awesome. 

Use lighter eyeshadows and not smoky eyes
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Now, in summer, you don’t need smoky eyes. Instead of that, you should use shiny lighter eyeshadows. This will give you a brighter look. 

Add some color to the eyes
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A black eye may be the best. But there is no bad to become vibrant and add some color to the eyes. So, instead of a black eyeliner, use a colorful shade. 

Use some bronzer
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You can use bronzer. Bronzer can be used on the sides of the face. It can be used on the cheeks. It gives you a fresh look. 

Use waterproof things
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Summer is the time to enjoy outdoor events. So, you would want to choose long-lasting waterproof makeup. For this, you would need waterproof mascara. You would also need waterproof eyeliner. The eyeliner should be smudge-proof too. 

For a glowing look, use highlighter
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You can use a powder highlighter. Instead of a cream or liquid one, a powder highlighter has an added advantage. It doesn’t make you look shiny. You would still have a glowing look without looking that shiny. 

Buy an eyeshadow palette: very important
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When you are travelling in summer, it’s not good to keep a lot of things in your makeup bag. That’s why, as discussed earlier a BB cream can do the work of both a foundation and primer. Now, similarly, you need an eyeshadow palette. You can give different makeup hues to your makeup by a palette. This will give you a finish. 

In summer, makeup tends to melt. This is common. There is greasiness and that extra shine. So, you need these above-mentioned makeup hacks to get things going in summer when it comes to makeup.