Published: Jul 19, 2022

By Bhawna

After primer, the product that is used on the face for makeup is the foundation. And if it gets wrongly done, then our face becomes dull. Choosing the right foundation is like choosing the perfect dress for a party. Your foundation should match your skin type. Also, it should match your skin shade and the theme of the party or wherever you are going. A wrong choice of foundation can make your face cakey. A matte finish foundation is ideal for oily skin whereas a moisturizing liquid foundation is ideal for dry skin. So, let’s have a look at some of the makeup hacks for the application of foundation:

Prep your skin for makeup
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The best flawless makeup starts with a hydrating skincare routine. The more hydrated the skin is, the less likely chances of getting makeup cakey. Start by cleansing. Then exfoliate the skin. Then, after toning, prep your skin with a hydrating essence to add moisture. Then, apply moisturizer. This will even tone the skin and brighten the skin. It will also soften the appearance of pores. 

Exfoliate your skin to avoid a cakey look
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To achieve beautiful, radiant skin, exfoliation is an important step. Without exfoliation, your foundation may run the risk of looking cakey. This is because it clings to dry skin and texture. 

The primer is the first step
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Primer acts as a makeup setter. It is essential for oily skin. The benefits of using a primer are that large pores or discoloration can be resolved with it. And also, you will see the effect of using foundation once you apply primer before it. 
A primer gives a seamless finish. It also helps in improving the longevity of the makeup. Also, many primers contain beauty-boosting ingredients. This helps in increasing the glow.  

Warm your foundation before using
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To use your foundation so that it gives better results is to warm it before applying on your face. So, put some foundation on the back of your hand and use a brush to warm it. This will help thin out the foundation. This will also give you more natural coverage. 

Apply the foundation starting from the center
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The most important coverage is required in the center of the face. So, start by applying the foundation in the center. Then, blend it towards the rest of your face. This will give you a natural look. It won’t make your foundation look like a mask. 

Use your fingers to apply and press the foundation in your skin
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If you apply foundation using a brush, then your foundation may tend to sit on top of your skin. To make it last, you should use your fingertips afterward to press the foundation into your skin. This will also eliminate any further build-up. 

Use downward stroke
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Tyr to use downward stroke while applying your foundation. This has a benefit. It will stop filling up your pores. It will also reduce the appearance of facial hair. 

Use a setting spray
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Use a setting spray after applying the foundation. This will brighten the skin. The setting spray also helps to keep the makeup intact. 

Read the label to find the right foundation
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You should read the label before purchasing a new foundation. First of all, check if a skin type is mentioned. A hydrating foundation may be perfect for dry skin but not for oily skin. Oil-free foundations often oxidize on oily skin throughout the day, so always ask an expert.
Another important factor is SPF. Most SPFs contain zinc oxide or titanium oxide. These can give you a greyish look. You should avoid using foundations with SPF at night. Or you can set your foundation with a tinted loose powder. 

To match properly: buy two foundations
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If the foundation you like doesn’t have the perfect shade match for you, here is a hack. You can buy a foundation that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone and another one that’s a little darker. Then, you need to combine the two. This just means that both the formulas will last longer. Also, it is perfect for when the seasons change. This means that you can use more or less of one shade depending on how much fairer or darker your skin gets. 
Another important factor in choosing a foundation is that you should match it with your neck. It is important to ensure consistency in skin tone. 

To achieve a dewy skin look, use a damp beauty blender
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Here, you should go for a radiant skin-finish foundation and not a matte formula. And also, use a damp beauty blender. Soak your beauty blender in water and squeeze out any excess before you apply foundation. It gives an airbrushed and lightweight look. 

The Stippling Technique
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For a fuller better coverage, use the Stippling Technique. Stipple the foundation by using a light tapping motion on the skin. Carefully press the foundation into the skin by this motion and you will get maximum coverage. You can use a stippling device. Another hack here is that you can spritz your brush or blender with some setting spray. 

Use concealer for extra coverage
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If you want more coverage, emptying the whole bottle of foundation is the wrong technique. Instead of this, find a full coverage foundation and concealer. First, apply a layer of foundation, then, use concealer. This would be a beneficial step. 

In touch-ups, don’t add more foundation
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For touch-ups, don’t add more foundation as it can look cakey. Use a blotting paper instead. Then, target areas that require a touch-up. Then, gently pat using a damp beauty blender. To refresh your look, add a little powder on top. This will mattify your look. This will give you a glowing look.