Exploring the Different Types of Updos for Medium-Length Hair

Exploring the Different Types of Updos for Medium-Length Hair
Published: Aug 25, 2023

There are so many hairstyles for women that make them look prettier and ready for every occasion. Some people feel that you cannot explore hairstyles with medium-length hair. But that’s not true at all. When it comes to hairstyles, there are hairstyles like wet look, fishtail, braids, side buns, and updos.

For medium-length hair or shoulder-length hair, updos are a great option. Medium-length hair has a lot of benefits like protecting in hot weather, lesser tangling, and less time in maintenance. For medium-length hair, you can use a volumizing spray when trying updos. Updos look classy for weddings, birthday parties, and other such occasions. These make you look dressier. You can add a tiara, floral accessories, and pearls to your updo hairstyle.

You can wear earrings according to the occasion. Messy updos for medium length hair are a good option if you have curly hair. For thin hair, you can do the half-up half-down hairstyle. Updos for medium-length hair depend on what you like, the occasion, and the texture of your hair. This is the same for all hairstyles. You can leave some loose hair or tresses around the updo hairstyle. A simple updo can be created by tying a ponytail into a bun. This updo is good for hair of all textures and lengths. The last step of making an updo is hairspray. This gives volume to the hair. Messy updos for medium-length hair are the most popular.

The Best Updos for Medium Length Hair: A Comprehensive Guide

Best Updos for Medium Length Hair

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Messy updos for medium-length hair

In messy updos for medium-length hair, the hair is styled in a messy bun. The rest of the hair is let loose like strands of hair flowing around. It gives a messy look. Braids can be made on both sides in the front. Messy updos are good for occasions that are between formal and casual. The overall look is stylish.

Half up half down updo: In this hairstyle, half of the hair is tied in a bun. The rest of the hair is left to flow down. This hairstyle is a casual hairstyle. It is good for college girls. It gives a relaxed look and at the same time being stylish. Medium-length hair with fascinator is a great way to look good. The color of the fascinator should be different from the hair color. This will make the fascinator prominent. The size of the fascinator should be according to the hairstyle.

Two Braided Updo: In this updo hairstyle, there are two braids on the side. You need to make a loose bun. This hairstyle looks good with balayage on brown hair medium length. This hairstyle is ideal for parties and weddings. It is easy to style.

Stylish Updos for Medium Length Hair: Tips and Tricks

Stylish Updos for Medium Length Hair

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Before styling your hair into an updo, a hair wash is important. This is also for any other hairstyle. Then, add foam to the hair that will give some volume. Then, dry your hair. You can style the hair in an updo that you like. If the updo requires curls, waves, or fringes, you can use a curling iron. Then, use a volumizing product or hairspray to add volume to the hair and make it stay in place. You can use accessories like headbands, fascinators, floral details, pearls, tiaras, and ribbons. Medium-length hair with fascinator makes the overall look elegant. Updos look good with balayage on brown hair medium-length.

Top Stylish Updos for Medium Hair: 

Chignon Updo

Chignon updo is a hairstyle that makes you look unique. In this hairstyle, the hair is twisted into a chignon. This hairstyle is good for formal events. It gives a stylish yet relaxed look. This style is good for balayage on brown hair medium length. You can use accessories with chignon updos.

Fishtail Braid Updo

In this hairstyle, there is a low bun. A braided fishtail is at the back of the head. This hairstyle can be used for weddings. It gives a unique look. Fishtail braid is a classic hairstyle.

Side Bangs Updo Hairstyle: In the side bangs hairstyle, there is a side parting. Then, there is a bun updo at the back. There is hair styled as bangs on the side. Another version of this hairstyle is curly fringes on the sides. The curls can be made with a curling iron. The front of the hair is styled loose. Bobby pins are used to style the hair.

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Rolled and Twisted Bun Updo: This is the simplest hairstyle with medium-length hair. To make this hairstyle, make a ponytail and roll and twist it into a bun. The front part of the hair can be volumized with a dry shampoo. Use bobby pins to secure the bun. Use a hairspray in the end.

Updos for Medium Hair from Top Salon Stylists 2023

Updos for Medium Hair from Top Salon Stylists

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Updo Hairstyle by Ted Gibson: For creating Ted Gibson’s updo hairstyle, you need a deep side part on your head. Then, apply a shiny lotion from Ted Gibson’s brand. It makes the dry hair shinier. Then, use a hair brush to mix the product. Create waves, faux bangs, or curls in the hair using a curling iron. Then, make a ponytail and style it into a bun or updo.

Updo Hairstyle by Jen Atkin: For styling an updo, Jen Atkin says that one should know the hair type. Then, you should use some hair products for prepping the hair. Some of the hair products have to be used when the hairstyle is complete. Jen Atkin says that a ponytail can be made into a bun. This is an updo style. This hairstyle can be added with hair extensions to add volume.

Updo Hairstyle by Serge Normant

The messy bun updo hairstyle was used by Serge Normant for Meghan Markle’s wedding. He didn’t use a lot of hair styling products just as he doesn’t use them otherwise either. He didn’t create a lot of volume in the hairstyle for Meghan Markle. The messy bun was quite loose. He said that he didn’t want to make the bun look messier as time passed.

Updo Hairstyle by Oribe Canales: 

According to Oribe Canales, updo and chignon hairstyles are great for all time. Jennifer Lopez has styled these hairstyles a lot in the past. He styled a high updo for Jennifer Lopez. He always used hair extensions for hairstyling. Oribe made a brand of hairstyling products by his name.

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