How To Create No Frizz Mermaid Hair Waves

The eyeful world has seen mermaid hair as an ever-green style trend. Let us guide you to create NO FRIZZ mermaid waves.

Mermaid waves became highlighted by celebrities and their most trappy handmade mermaid wigs. These mermaid waves became so popular they dominated Tik Tok last year. Inspired by effortless hair flying in the wind, mermaid waves constitute heavier and longer hair locks. Kim Kardashian for one wears it best.

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You may not all be worldly-wise to sire the luxury of handmade idealism wigs, but for those of you happy with naturally wavy hair, achieving mermaid waves is a piece of cake.  For those of you with straight hair, there are a couple of simple tricks too, you can use to wake up with mermaid hair waves.

Step 1 – Start with wipe hair

Create Mermaid Hair Waves with Iles Formula

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Shampoo and condition your hair then air dry.

The Iles Formula Hair Turban Towel is made of spongelike microfiber, and its twist, button, loop system sucks out glut wetness fast, without torturous the natural flourish formation, aiding in a quick-dry and no frizz.

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Iles Formula Turban Towel

Step 2 – Frizz protection


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Apply the Iles Formula CURL REVIVE  serum, which will wifely all kinds of frizz. Spray liberally throughout the hair, including the root area. This serum has protection versus heated tools slantingly humidity. It will be your weightier friend for this procedure.

Straight hair tip: Opt for a part-way parting and simply plait/braid your wet hair on either side surpassing bed, and the next morning pursuit the natural wavy hair procedure below.

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Once totally dry take a paddle skim and gently skim through the natural waves, keeping the root zone quite tropical to the head, then brushing through to explode a bit increasingly volume in the midlength and ends.

Step 3 – Curling iron

Single whisk tongs can be used by placing the whisk upside lanugo in the crest of each wave, however, using a  3 whisk curling iron is the quickest and most unoffensive way for you to make mermaid waves. Heat tools temporarily yo-yo your hair shape, and you are self-ruling to create variegated kinds of waves your heart falls for. The larger the whisk the softer the wave.

Be sure to alimony the root zone relatively smooth with no frizz or volume and start tonging from the eye zone down.

To unzip a relaxed look, do not forget to rummage through your unshortened throne without styling! Be sure the wave has totally cooled lanugo surpassing combing, with a wide-tooth comb.

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3-barrel curling iron on Haley Bieber from

Step 4 – Apply hair serum

The captivating Hair Finishing Serum is here as the last layer of anti-frizz. This serum not only protects versus frizz but delivers protection versus heated tools and can be used daily to maintain frizz-free waves for days.

Create Mermaid Hair Waves with Iles Formula

Hair Finishing Serum

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