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A hair care routine is really important. Not all hair textures are the same. Every woman has a different hair type. Caring for your hair is a key to looking beautiful. Shiny hair is a mark of beauty. So, let’s take a look at some easy tips for caring for your hair:
Wash your hair regularly
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This is essential so that your scalp is free from oil and dirt. How much you need to wash your hair depends on your hair type. If you have dry hair, you should wash your hair twice a week. If you have an oily scalp, you should wash your hair on alternated days. You should wash oily hair more frequently. Apply more shampoo on the scalp than the length of your hair. Cleanliness is really important. Cleanliness leads to beautiful hair. Do not wash your hair too often as it can lead to hair damage and dryness. 
Use shampoos with fewer chemicals
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Environmental pollutants damage the hair. This you can’t control. But you can control the kind of shampoos that you apply to your hair. Try to use shampoos with fewer chemicals. Use gentle shampoos. Strong shampoos contain sulfates and parabens. These chemicals are not healthy for hair. These cause skin irritation. These can increase hormonal problems.
Condition properly
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Using conditioner is important. A conditioner contains ingredients that make the hair more manageable. It protects the hair against heat styling. It needs to be applied on the tips of the hair and not on the scalp. It should be rinsed off properly after applying. Conditioning the hair leads to shiny hair. 
Do not blow-dry your hair
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Although blow-drying makes the hair look beautiful, but it causes damage to the hair scalp. So, dry your hair naturally. Use blow-drying only for important events. Drying hair naturally is a healthy option. It may take time to completely dry but your hair will be healthy. 
Oil your hair well
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Pre-shampoo treatments like oiling are very helpful. It has many benefits. It improves blood circulation on the scalp. It relaxes the muscles. It gives shine to the hair. It is very nourishing too. It provides essential moisture to the hair. It also results in hair growth. It repairs split ends. Do not use mineral oil on the hair. There are other good options available like coconut oil, almond oil, etc. 
You can try this tip: apply warm oil to your hair. Then wrap it in a towel. Your head will get the nourishment of oil. 
Conditioners are also required but there are more benefits of oil for hair. Oiling provides the essential minerals and vitamins to the hair. This is good for the overall health of the hair. It can protect hair from sun damage. It prevents dandruff. It removes sebum that builds in the hair follicles. 
Drink lots of water
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Drink plenty of water. The internal hydration that you provide to your body gives external hydration to the hair. This helps in keeping good hair health. 
Eat healthy food
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Eating healthy is essential for hair care and skin care. Your hair needs the right nutrition. Nuts and green leafy vegetables are great for your hair health. Eat a balanced diet. This will lead to healthy hair. 
Tie your hair using a band
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Girls like open hair but open hair is more prone to environmental aggressors. Tie your hair using a band. Use fabric hair ties.
 Don’t make a tight ponytail. 

Wearing a hair band around your arm can lead to serious complications

Always use a wide-toothed comb
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Wet hair is delicate. It is prone to damage. Do not comb wet hair. Allow your hair to dry. Then use a wide-toothed comb. It reduces damage to the hair. 
Do trimming of your hair regularly
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Trimming is really important. Split ends are formed because of heat styling, and pollution. It helps in cutting split ends. If you are stressed, then also split ends are formed. Trimming makes the hair grow faster. 
Don’t be stressed
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Don’t be stressed as this can lead to hair fall. It can lead to unhealthy hair. Be happy always. Stress causes hair loss. Yoga and meditation can help in relieving stress. 
Don’t use chemicals
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Chemicals can damage the hair. So make sure you are not dying your hair or using hair treatments. These chemicals can reduce hair growth. 
Use fewer hair styling products
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Don’t use straighteners or curlers. Don’t use blow dryers. These can change hair texture. These can damage the hair. These should be used only for special events. Also, don’t use hair care products that contain too much protein. Protein is required but too much protein can make the hair weak. Use those conditioners which have balanced ingredients. 
Don’t comb your hair too much
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Combing your hair can lead the hair strands to frizz. This can lead to split ends. So, don’t comb your hair too much. 
Caring for your hair is really important as not doing so can lead to a reduction in hair growth. You would have problems like hair fall, dandruff and dry hair. Wash your hair regularly. Oil your hair properly. This provides moisture to the hair. Use correct hair products that don’t have too many chemicals. A hair care routine is a part of the skincare routine. Eat healthy food and a balanced diet. Eating protein is essential. Iron, vitamin A, and C are also important. Cleansing the hair is important. You should use conditioner on the length of your hair and not the scalp. Use a wide-toothed comb. And when you are in doubt, consult a dermatologist for better results. A dermatologist can only better tell how you need to care for your hair. Trim your hair regularly so as to promote hair growth. Use warm water to wash your hair and not hot water. Hair is an expression of beauty and prettiness. So, care for your hair daily.