Best Way To Apply Henna At Home

Best Way To Apply Henna At Home
Published: Apr 08, 2022

Henna has been the Hero in the industry of hair verisimilitude since a long time now. Even without the launch of hair dyes, people tend to use Henna for coloring or tent their greys. Henna has not only covered the month of people but in Indian weddings, girls are crazy for Mehendi (henna) as the imprints of it leave a good verisimilitude and diamond which stays put for 10 days or longer. Henna does not only imbricate your greys but moreover helps your hair by nourishing them and providing nutrients to them, which makes your hair stronger.
Are you not sure of Henna yet? But you know what, you can wield Henna at home EASILY! You just need to make a paste, For the paste, you need the Henna powder and some hot water to go with it. Leave it for 12 hours or overnight to get a visionless stain.

Cover your ears and forehead surpassing applying Henna
Cover your ears and forehead surpassing applying Henna

Steps to follow for the Henna using at home:-

  1. Wash your hair with a shampoo just as you do on a regular basis.
  2. Pat dry your hair with a towel or cotton T-shirt.
  3. Make a few sections for the easy using of henna.
  4. Do not forget to wield some petroleum jelly or some oil on your forehead and ears to prevent coloring over unwanted areas.
  5. Start applying Heena from roots to the length.
  6. Wash it off when it dries and start to come off.

Henna is a plant-based substance that makes it unscratched for everyone as it does not contain any harmful chemicals. The natural verisimilitude a Mehendi holds is reddish-brown but you can transpiration it by subtracting a few things.

Henna Using at home

There are a few tips and tricks to transpiration a bit of a shade of Henna equal to your preference.

  1. If you want a burgundy shade on your hair you can add the juice of beetroot to it as the verisimilitude of the juice is visionless red which will requite a shade of Burgandy to your henna.
  2. To have a shade of visionless reddish-brown you can add lemon juice, curd, or tea decoction( the leftover of the tea left in the stainers).
  3. If you want to get a visionless woebegone shade you can add woebegone coffee to it and leave it for 2 -3 hours.
Divide sections for easy application
Divide sections for easy using of Henna

Best listed Mehendi for your hair

  • Shahnaz Husain Henna Precious Herb Mix
  • NatureBay Naturals Henna Powder
  • Biotique Bio Henna.

Always try to segregate the right trademark for the Henna as some brands use chemicals to provide a darker shade which can stupefy your growth and can moreover lead to hair loss. If you finger like your forehead is getting red or anything wrong on your squatter is happening that ways that the Henna is not of good quality and has some preservatives which are rabble-rousing your hair and skin.
To prevent any forfeiture you can stain your finger trammels the shade and the quality of the Mehendi so that you can be sure of what you are putting yourself into.

If you find applying Henna difficult on your own you can typesetting Yes Madam for the service. Product will be yours and service will be ours.


What is the difference between Henna and hair colour?

You can trammels our privous blog difference between Henna and hair color.

Should I add tea to Henna?

Yes, you can add tea to transpiration the natural shade and to make it leave a largest and darker shade on your hair. The natural verisimilitude of the Henna is reddish-brown but there are people who do not want to turn their heads totally red to improvise the shade equal to their preferences they add the decoction of the tea. The verisimilitude gets a bit darker and changes the nature of the verisimilitude as without that it will be a little darker than the usual one.

Is it good to add egg to Henna for hair?

Adding the egg withal with a spoon of curd can help you in workout your roots without making your scalp dry and flaky. You can make a paste by subtracting one egg and a tablespoon of curd, mix it well and let it sit for overnight to have a largest and smooth texture of Henna and this will leave your hair all silky and flowy.

Can I mix coffee with Henna?

You can mix coffee as well but this will not leave much of a verisimilitude to it this can be washed-up as a good thing for the people who cannot tolerate the smell of Henna and need some fragrance to deal with it. A little tint can be seen of blackish tone but majorly coffee helps to take over the smell of the Henna

Henna Application
Henna Application

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