Sometimes, you get caught up in refurbishing your wardrobe for the season’s best and latest trends. Between all your outfits and all the fashion trends, you may get overwhelmed. So, when you are standing in a showroom to buy something, you should remind yourself that jewelry is something that completes your outfit. So, the key here is that you should keep it simple and keep your focus on the jewelry trends for 2023. Jewelry like a nice bangle adds an edge to your look. Jewelry is more personal. So, you may have a signature piece of jewelry that you always wear. So, it is your choice and taste. It is more than a fashion trend. You need to strike a balance between your taste and the fashion trend that is recent. For jewelry trends 2023, there will be a comeback of the ‘80s and some of the ‘90s. Jewelry is the last thing that you put on after wearing the clothing and it completes the look.

So, let’s take a look at some of the jewelry trends for 2023:

Cuffed jewelry

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A silver or gold cuff is a nice way to add a style statement to your outfit. Cuff bracelets can upraise any outfit and look. A cuffed jewelry piece is a thick and arched curve. You can wear cuffs in multiple ways. For a classic look, you can add a cuff around your wrist. This will shine on your arm. You can also wear the cuff up on your forearm. You can also go for a wrap-around cuff. The cuffs are eye-catching. It is a great trend. You can wear it with a dress.

Layering dainty bracelets have been popular for many years. But now is the trend of arm jewelry and big and bold cuff bracelets.

Shining Silver

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Gold has been the first choice for much of time, but now it is silver’s turn. Oversized silver hoops were a big style statement on spring/summer runways 2023. Oversized silver hoops are an ‘80s trend. But they are now getting popular. There are tube hoop earrings also that can be worn daily. You can wear faux hoops or studs. They have a rectangular shape and look good with a blazer.


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There are thinly beaded necklaces in this trend. So, you can mix and match. And this boho style is an easy way to accessorize. Beaded necklaces are undoubtedly charming. They add charm to your attire.

Boho style

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Boho earrings come in this trend. These earrings have feathers. There are also fringe details. This earring trend is a trend better for daytime activities. These are good vibes for 2023.


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Bangles are back in a big way. Bangles are like a cuff bracelet. This is an ‘80s-inspired accessory. They are good for a party. You can wear bangles with a mini dress or skirt.

Birthstones, gems, and crystals

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Healing crystals are becoming more and more popular. And as a result, jewelry with crystals and gems is gaining attention. It is the re-emergence of birthstones that has come up. If you like wearing a gemstone according to your birth month, then you can add a personal touch to your jewelry collection.

Colorful statement pieces

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Jewelry can elevate any outfit. And if the outfit is really boring, you can wear statement pieces. You can wear enamel pieces. It adds vibrancy to the attire. You can wear a pair of pink baby hoops. You can wear multicolored rings. You can play with color and jewelry. There are different shades that the Pantone Color Institute has chosen for 2023 like red, beetroot purple, peach pink, empire yellow, and classic green. You can choose any colored jewelry from these colors. When it comes to jewelry shapes, you can go for bigger jewelry. You can wear chunky bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. You can mix and match fashion trends like a statement ring with a gemstone. This way you can rock different trends.

Asymmetrical earrings

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You can mix and match earrings. There are multiple ways to rock this trend. You can wear one statement earring for one ear and keep the other ear subtle. You can also wear two statement earrings that are matching in style but are not the same exactly. And if you are choosing a bold color, then take care that both earrings are of the same color so that they don’t clash. Lone earrings are getting trendy these days. More people combine asymmetry and multiple lobe piercing.

Body chains

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Body chains have been there for a long time. Most people see them as a trend from the ’70 and ‘00s. Body chains are 5,000 years old. Body chains are considered summer jewelry. These can be worn over bodycon dresses and jumpsuits. You can wear a body chain with a crop top. You can also wear a body chain over a turtleneck.

Pendant necklaces

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You can wear a pendant necklace over a turtleneck. Crystals and gemstones are on trend these days. So, you can combine the two trends: gemstones with necklaces. A pendant necklace is, in this way, a great way to combine both trends.

Hoop earrings

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Hoop earrings were seen as being worn over the decades. And now these showed up on the runways. These are staple designer pieces. You can wear them with anything. You can even wear them with sweatpants. It is not necessary that you wear them to dinners or events. There are oversized hoops and pearl hoops that are getting popular.

Chandelier earrings