The Strange World of Celebrity Training: How Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Madonna Prepare for Their Concerts

The Strange World of Celebrity Training: How Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Madonna Prepare for Their Concerts
Published: Dec 18, 2023

Being a pop star meant having a pretty face, a nice voice and learning some choreography. It's not enough anymore, as Taylor Swift reminded us last week when she revealed how she prepared for her Eras tour. She told Time magazine. “Fast for fast songs and running or walking fast for slow songs. Then I did three months of dance training because I wanted to get in.

If you've seen Eras live or in the cinema, I know why I had to make an effort. Part pop extravaganza and part feat of endurance, it involves nearly three hours of costume changes, exuberant dancing and running from one end of the stage to the other while simultaneously singing songs. As the color on Swift's face deepens and sweat builds at the roots of her hair, she begins to feel tired. Swift isn't the only one. Beyoncé's film "Renaissance" also documents the physical labor required by touring, while 65-year-old Madonna's current Celebration Tour, which ends next April after 78 performances, shows how long that commitment can last.

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We treat them like athletes: how much stress is placed on the body? said Dan Roberts. As a London-based personal trainer, he is one of the few fitness professionals to delve into what he calls the original world of celebrity training. This mainly involves preparing actors for superhero roles (or shirtless scenes); Some of his clients appeared on the Broadway stage two hours a night for six months. But he also works with kings and famous musicians. Due to confidentiality agreements, he is not allowed to name names, but he can comment generally.

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Sometimes Roberts flies in to support a mid-level artist. of a ride, but he has more in common. He often meets other renowned trainers around the world to serve his regular clients. And he trains those who go to London. The first step is to evaluate the person's needs and goals. "For example, someone like Beyoncé has very energetic choreography, while Liam Gallagher can stand still.

Typically, physical preparation for a tour begins three months in advance, Roberts says. Most stars know the sport well and often suffer from old injuries. No one says, "My body looks amazing," Roberts says. “We have to solve this problem. Another Sydney personal trainer, Jono Castaño, agrees. “Many know what they should do: what they should eat, how they should train. It's about remembering and holding them accountable.

Preparation work, or developing flexibility and overall strength, is critical to preventing injuries that should be avoided when dance at night. . Roberts focuses on the stabilizing muscles around the ankles "and other things that are more likely to tear." Mass is rarely necessary, although Roberts had a pop star client whose body fat was too low to allow her to safely exercise night after night. “She was healthy, but she wasn't menstruating, which is always a warning sign. She knew the trip would be difficult for her because she didn't eat much when she was stressed.

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The goal in this case was to increase body fat percentage and maintain it throughout the tour. But beyond the demands of consecutive late-night appearances, there's often a less obvious secondary goal, Roberts says, such as losing weight or gaining muscle before a red carpet appearance or movie role. "These people are increasingly brands and need to do different things.

Rita Ora, one of Castaño's clients, often came to sessions tired, which is understandable, she said. "But when she saw the benefits of training, namely the release of endorphins, she felt much better and more positive." Even the attentive ear of a coach, “just listens to you and gives you advice, whatever the day brings.” for him “it could be precious, she says.

The coach is not only an ad hoc therapist, but must also recognize and adapt to different demands the star's schedule. For those at Swift's level, that could mean the coach is behaving like a cog in a "well-oiled machine," Roberts says. All your needs will be met. “It's like a business.” Swift's team, for example, could include up to 40 full-time employees and dozens more for touring. A major undertaking like the Eras Tour can extend to daily massages, routine strength and fitness tests, and a diet that meets the star's exact needs.

Sometimes the hardest part of the coach's job is convincing the star that you have something. offer him. Stars like Mick Jagger and Madonna, who have dedicated their lives to acting, can be "total control freaks," Roberts says. “It's not an insult. That's why they are so successful. But it's very difficult to get to that point as a coach, no matter how good you think you are, because as soon as you resist, you get fired.

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When artists are on the road, workouts are often reduced to maintenance levels and rest days are added to the schedule to protect the star's energy and well-being. Roberts estimates they could burn 1,000 calories in a single show, or even two or three times that. But it's not the same effort as if an average person, or even someone as fit as Roberts, took the stage. He's never worked with Swift before, but he suspects that a three-hour show for her could be like a 5K run for many of us: exhausting but not fatal. She "she's been building that muscle and energy over the last 15 years." Some artists seem to border on the superhuman. Pink, known for performing aerial acrobatics in her lei shows, does an hour of cardio and an hour of yoga before taking the stage. Sometimes I feel more like an athlete than a singer.

Before a performance, more acrobatic singers may limit their conversation. And superstars rarely celebrate afterwards, Roberts says, motivated by the need to protect their brand as much as their instrument. “They drink tea with honey or something, go to bed early and rest.

You see what artists go through and it's immense, says Niamh McCarthy , founder of Mindful Nation, a meditation app for artists. In his former life, McCarthy toured with U2 for four years as an assistant coach and even flew in to support Madonna when needed. After leaving life on tour behind, she's not surprised that young stars, including Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes, are canceling shows to focus on their well-being. “Not only do you have to go on stage every night and do your best, but a lot of things after the show are mandatory: your label and your publishers want to see you and talk to you. They are very busy.

But today's image-conscious artists "won't ruin their reputations or cancel a show because they have a hangover. They are very professional,” Roberts says. Few of her clients lived up to the stereotype of hard living and excessive alcohol consumption, and "they were in rock bands who didn't care about how they looked. This aspect also had to be taken into consideration in training. Roberts recalls working with a singer who refused a protein shake because it contained additives. “I told him, 'Dude, you did four lines of cocaine last night and it was Tuesday. Choose your priorities wisely.

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What is Taylor Swift's treadmill workout?

In the article, Swift explains that part of her workout for 'Eras Tour included treadmill running. day as they sing the show's three-hour setlist. “I fast for the fast songs and run or walk fast for the slow songs,” Swift told the outlet. Brown, 42, started running in 2021 as part of her weight loss journey.

Has Taylor Swift taken fitness classes? Music?

At the age of twelve, Taylor Swift began taking piano lessons with the famous classical pianist and composer Cynthia Katona. He quickly developed a passion for music and eventually taught himself to play the piano and guitar.

How much does Taylor Swift weigh?

Taylor Swift, born on December 13, 1989, is now 32 years old, is 1.8 m tall and weighs 54 kilos in 2021.

Is Taylor Swift Her Real Name?

She was born as Taylor Alison Swift on December 13, 1989 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Swift spent her early years on her family's Christmas tree farm.

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Does Taylor Swift regret any of her tattoos? Most of Taylor Swift's tattoos on her body are temporary and she usually inks song lyrics on her arm. But she once said in an interview that she would not make the decision to get a permanent tattoo and that she could never commit to something permanen.