The Impact of Fast Fashion on Our Lives

The Impact of Fast Fashion on Our Lives
Published: Feb 08, 2024

Rihanna in Balenciaga, Kylie Minogue in Stella McCartney, Simone Ashley in Pucci, Lupita Nyong'o in Chanel, and Irina Shayk in a nude dress—the place to see different Vogue cover stars in the latest looks in one place is possible; it's no longer just at Fashion Week. Watch the sports channels every Sunday, from March to December, and you can get to know them up close in the most exclusive car park in the world: the Formula 1 grid.

No, it is not only the kings of fashion but also the stars of Hollywood and music who are increasingly criticized on the catwalks. Hello Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber, Florence Hugh, Priyanka Chopra, Paris Hilton, and all the Hemsworth brothers! If it seems like the F1 grid is the new place to be seen, then you're (sort of) right. It's true, because never in its history had there been such spectacular participation in every race; “sort of,” because a quick look at history shows that it has always been a playground for celebrities, from Grace Kelly in Monaco in the 1960s to Kate and Naomi in the 1990s (the latter is always a regular visitor).

What Is Fast Fashion and Why Is It a Problem?

Fast fashion refers to something cheap and stylish clothing to the masses, which creates significant environmental and labor problems. Mary Jo DiLonardo has worked in print, online and television journalism for 25 years, covering nature, health, science and animals.

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And if this raises the question, “Why?”The answer is: Is it a miracle?” With high stakes, personal motivation, team commitment and intense pressure leading to a high-performance spectacle with millions of eyes, the worlds of Formula 1, fashion and entertainment have many things in common.

There's a lot to learn across the board," says Sky Sports presenter Natalie Pinkham, who has been covering Formula 1 since 2012 and has been on the grid for most of the year. We had many football coaches over the years. years who wanted to come and learn about [the discipline and teamwork] of the world of F1 and I think the same goes for fashion, cinema and television. Music. » There is There has always been a very long and lasting relationship between Formula 1, music and a fast, glamorous lifestyle, and many musicians are interested in what motivates a driver, what makes him drive so fast and take so many risks. Everything.

Despite its long-standing popularity among celebrities, the growing popularity of Formula 1 is undeniable and more intentional than accidental. Since the sport's current owners, Liberty Media, they replaced Bernie Ecclestone and Co. in 2017, great efforts have been made to bring the sport to new audiences.

The Definition of Fast Fashion 2024

In 1960, the average American adult purchased fewer than 25 items of clothing per year. The average American family spends more than 10% of their income on clothes and shoes. And about 95% of the clothing sold in the United States was made there.

But in the 1970s, things began to change. Huge factories were opened, and textile mills were imported from China and other countries in Asia and Latin America. With the promise of cheap labor and materials, they could quickly mass-produce cheap clothing. In the 1980s, some large American retailers began outsourcing their manufacturing.

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No company that makes clothes in the United States could compete,” writes Elizabeth Cline in “Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Fast Fashion.” or start importing.

Because clothes are so cheap, consumers can afford to buy more of them. An entire industry has emerged that revolves around seasonal trends, replacing the previous emphasis on quality and longevity. Today, the average American purchases approximately 70 items of clothing per year, but spends less than 3.5% of their budget on clothing. Today, only 2% of all clothing sold in the United States it is made in the USA.

With consumers so hungry for newness, fashion companies have shifted from selling seasonal clothing to market (four times a day). year) to a frequently launched model, with inventory sometimes updated weekly.

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Thanks to with his participation in the Netflix's wildly popular Drive to Survive (the documentary that follows the private intrigues of each of the 10 teams and their two drivers) and opening broadcast rights in 181 countries, the sport is bigger than ever. A call to F1 headquarters reveals that the company has seen a growth of 70 million fans across its social media channels over the past six years, thanks in part to the inclusion of famous faces and the corresponding fan bases they attract.

There are few events outside of F1 racing that bring together the biggest movie stars, musical artists, athletes, designers, influencers, creatives and even world leaders in one place – it's a truly unique environment.

As attention grows, so does interest from fashion brands looking to capitalize on their popularity, and wherever brands go, their ambassadors follow. In addition to watch brands that have historically targeted wealthy F1 fans, brands less visibly linked to the sport – including Louis Vuitton, Palm Angels and Hugo Boss – are also actively involved in sponsorships and special projects. This year, Chanel produced an F1-inspired t-shirt that went viral, and A$AP Rocky's first collection as creative director of Puma.

The fashion world has now recognized the potential of sport to reach a global audience,” Lewis Hamilton, seven-time world champion and global ambassador for sport, told Business of Fashion at the start of this 'year.

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When it comes to impressive Serie A attendances, few events have the guest list that Formula 1 currently has, with the possible exception of the Met Ball, Wimbledon and actual fashion week, but even those don't happen everywhere. on the frequency of the 23 annual Formula 1 races (think Super Bowl, but do it every two weeks).

One place we can see them is on driver and expert Martin Brundle's Sky Sports Grid Walk, seeing how he and the team race behind the princes, but above all the hospitality guests who leave a few minutes before the lights go out.

Not everyone likes this. It's increasingly common to say that Formula 1 is becoming more of a spectacle than a sport, especially given the eye-catching additions to the calendar in Las Vegas and Miami (which drivers have also expressed concerns about). Although the F1 Instagram account posts photos of famous participants, followers who describe themselves as "old" F1 fans are unimpressed and assume (often incorrectly) that they are not "real fans.

Some Formula 1 fans would be happy if their sport was the best kept secret in the world, but I don't think that should be the case. says David “Crofty” Croft, Sky Sports commentator and long-time sports voice. “If we can have [celebrity] personalities with broad appeal, so that in five or 10 years we will be a sport that everyone has heard of, that everyone knows, that everyone appreciates and ultimately loves, then I don't see any downside.

Whether they're a fan or not doesn't matter, he laughs. "Are you telling me that everyone who goes to the Super Bowl is a great football player? Fan? Maybe they're not just there for the sport, but for the spectacle and the visibility and what it brings to them, but they will increase the visibility of the event, that's a plus. If they tell their circle of friends and contacts what that's wonderful , this is an advantage.

The presence of celebrities not only attracts new fans but also helps open a new perspective on what has been seen in the past . as an elitist and inaccessible sport. In this sense, the most influential celebrity on the starting grid of a given week is also the one behind the wheel, explains Pinkham.

We really need it. Thanks to Lewis Hamilton for being a pioneer so far,” he says of the Mercedes driver. “He is the first driver in a long time, perhaps even in history, to dominate the front and back pages of the press. He is bold in his own way, willing to take risks and appeal to different audiences and not feel pigeonholed by those who came before him. He cares deeply about things outside of racing, and because he cares, he sets the agenda. We must be very grateful to him because he opened his doors and welcomed everyone in the true sense of the word. People now feel included like never before.

Hamilton and his famous role models also helped open up the sport to "a whole new generation of young fans who we are absolutely fascinated by it," says Pinkham. I talk to Vogue about it and when would you think this about Formula 1? I want more women in sport and if someone reads this and thinks, you know what? Maybe I'll just watch [a race], that's fine.

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Fans old and new should expect to see even more Formula 1 on the fashion and entertainment radar in the future.

The 2024 season, which begins in March, will conclude with the new Ferrari film starring Adam Driver and Penélope Cruz, as well as the premiere of the highly anticipated F1 film starring Pitt, produced and directed by Jerry Bruckheimer , by Hamilton. , which filmed this year's races and is scheduled for release in early 2025.

The focus can only be on "improving things,” says Pinkham. "Formula 1 has always been full of glamor and fun," he says. "But after the lights go out, the question still remains the race.