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Shoes can make your outfit look really good. They are a finishing final touch to your whole outfit. Shoes are like an investment- the correct investment means you can wear them for more. Shoes are symbolic of style too. There have been fashion trends coming up as time passes, and the shoes have evolved with the passage of time. They are also an indicator of an individual’s personality. There are endless options in the market. Shoes set the tone of the outfit. Boots for women come in many varieties like casual, formal, and business attire occasions. Some shoes are designed for comfort while others are designed for a fashion statement. There is a lot to know before you buy a pair of shoes. So, let’s take a look at some shoes that you can have in your closet in 2022:


White sneakers

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A pair of white sneakers can make you look cool. They can be worn with anything. They are suitable for the season. These are trending these days. They are timeless.


Black boots

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They can be paired with anything. They can be paired with jeans, a T-shirt, or a business casual outfit. Ankle-high boots look especially great. They are modern.


Classic loafers

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The loafer came into fashion a few years ago. Now everyone is wondering how were we able to live without them. They make the outfit more sophisticated. The outfit looks more put-together. They are completely flat. They look chic. They are an alternative to ankle-high boots. They are very comfortable too. If you are new to loafers, buy a classic black pair. They are lace-less. They are very classy. They are an amazing thing for those who like flat shoes.


Slide sandals