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Whether it is an invitation to a party, a wedding, or anything else, seeing the theme or dress code as “formal attire”, can be daunting for anyone. You just don’t get any clue as to what to wear. Formal events are exciting. A formal thing for women is an expensive gown. Now, what decides that a particular dress is formal? The formality of an attire depends on length and tailoring. For women, formal dresses are floor-length. In some cases, midi or knee-length options can do. Formal attire is something that you wear for formal events. The key is to wear attire according to the occasion and venue. There are different kinds of formal events. What you may wear at one particular place may not fit in the other. A ball gown is ideal for a white-tie wedding but not for a formal business event.

Pay attention to the invitation. Is it dressy or semi-formal? Then you would be able to get the vibe of the party. The location or the venue also plays a role here. The type of event is also important- whether it is a wedding or a business formal event.


White tie event

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Black Tie & White Tie Dress Code For Women

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White tie events are formal events. Usually, a ball gown is reserved for the fanciest galas, wedding parties, and dinners, but in a white tie event, you can wear a ball gown. You can wear ball skirts or a shiny metallic gown. You can accessorize yourself with statement jewelry and heels. Men should carry tuxedo pants with a dress coat. The shirt should be wing-collared. This is the fanciest of all. And plus it is the most formal. For women, the hairstyle should be formal.


Black tie event

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You can wear a long floor-length gown. You can wear jeweled shoes. You can carry a nice bag. Men should wear a tuxedo jacket and a black tie. A black tie means that you wear something black. This is the dressiest of all. Here, a floor-length gown is the best.





Black tie optional

Black Tie Optional Wedding: What It Means & What To Wear

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Black tie optional is considered formal too. It is a little bit more relaxed than white or black tie events. But here also staying formal is required. Here, you can dress in elegant, long, or mid-length dresses. This theme is less conservative. You can play with different silhouettes, shades, and textures. You can wear heels. This dress code is more flexible. The look has to be elegant. You can accessorize also. You can wear a formal floor-length gown. A sequin dress would do.








Outdoor formal