BLACKPINK's Jennie's Essential Style Lessons To Help You Style Your Outfits Better

BLACKPINK's Jennie's Essential Style Lessons To Help You Style Your Outfits Better
Published: May 23, 2023

BLACKPINK's Jennie inspired fashionistas around the world with her simple wardrobe. The Jennie her A-game style to red carpets, shows and various fashion weeks, while her regular style likewise requests flawlessness.

Even when it comes to representing high-end fashion brands like Chanel and Calvin Klein, the "Human Chanel" is a master and fits his vision perfectly. While you may be skeptical, if you spend extravagant amounts of money to look like Jennie, it's much easier to emulate her style. You just have to work with a few style elements to imitate BLACKPINK members' fashion.

Beyond the Fashion industry, Jennie is a young lady nearby who likes to keep her style relaxed at this point stylish by playing with with simple basics. So why not borrow some styling tips from Jennie for your wardrobe? Here are our favorites.

Jennie's Fashion Styling Tips to Borrow from the BLACKPINK Star

Jennie's Fashion Styling Tips

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Jennie relies on jeans for her downtime and looks supremely stylish when paired with a crop top or playful cardigan, sneakers and a timeless crossbody bag. To give her outfit an extra touch, the singer also uses tie-dye and graphic jeans. Skinny, boyfriend, straight, bootcut, low rise or high rise - there are countless types of jeans to suit every body type.

Jennie often wears low rise, baggy jeans that show off her taut waist in all the right ways. Investing in a good pair of jeans is never a bad idea and it won't burn a hole in your pocket either. 

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Go monochrome

If you are too lazy to combine, monochrome is the right choice. Monochrome, and that signifies "one tone", makes you look flat out amazing with minimal effort. Jennie often swears by this trendy practice, whether it's at her gigs, at the gym, or on a lazy day. You can emphasize the monochromatic outfit by adding accessories of the same color.

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We're obsessed on Jennie's crop top looks and it's a closet staple you'll see rocking often. Crop tops are very versatile and can be worn with anything, including skirts, jeans, cargo pants and more. The crop tops that Jennie wears vary widely in style: from button up crop tops and ruffle crop tops to cardigan crop tops and blouses.

You can pair them with high waisted jeans for a casual look or opt for high waisted pants for a dressier look. For brunches with the girls, opt for the crop top and skirt combo recommended by Jennie. 

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Look uber-cool with athleisure

If Jennie's glamorous avatars are a feast for the eyes, her athletic appearance is no less so. The BLACKPINK member has been spotted numerous times sporting sleek and comfortable looks, proving that style can be hassle-free. From track pants and matching tracksuits to velor tracksuits, Jennie always delivers great looks. Jennie likes to wear sneakers or sunglasses to spice up her outfit.

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In addition to her collection of stylish and delicate shoes, BLACKPINK's Jennie offers an impressive range of sneakers that never go out of style. Sneakers give every outfit a much more casual look and are at the same time extremely practical and comfortable for running.

Jennie often wears platform sneakers with baggy pants and oversized tees, which gives her a great Y2K feel. 

Classy Slings and Shoulder Bags for the Win

Life is too short to carry boring bags. So why not follow BLACKPINK's Jennie's for selection? In addition to her collection of luxury bags, the K-pop star loves inexpensive shoulder and crossbody bags. While it's good to invest in a timeless piece if you have the cash to indulge yourself, affordable everyday bags offer great value in terms of utility and will dramatically improve your appearance.

Jennie showcased handbags from brands like Cos, Nieeh, Ganni, Palace and more that are fun to play with! Plus, they cost a lot less than their luxury counterparts. Most of the products you use sell like hot cakes, so you need to make your choice as soon as possible.

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Jennie's Fashion Styling Tips

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Whether you're braving the winter chill or want to make the most of your summer wardrobe, layers come in handy. Layering can be tricky, many people tend to overdo it or mix the wrong colors which is off-putting. Finding balance is the key to layering and can work wonders once you get the hang of it.

BLACKPINK's Jennie often flaunts her art, consolidating the fundamentals and taking street style to a higher level. She loves adding that little something extra to her otherwise simple outfit with fancy scarves. You'll also find her opting for oversized jackets/blazers or chunky books to keep her layering game going strong.

When layering, we strongly recommend that you refrain from wearing heavy prints, mixing all the bright colors or going overboard with accessories.

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Textures to add life to the outfit

Textures bring your outfits to life and no one knows how to mix textures better than BLACKPINK's Jennie. From flowy, structured sweaters to sleeker, more structured dresses or tops, Jennie has made the most of her wardrobe.

Adding texture is an easy and effortless way to enhance your appearance. Start with a statement piece you want to play with, then find matching pieces with different textures to go with it. As simple as that!