6 Black-Owned Shoe Brands You Need To Know This Summer

As I’ve been updating my wardrobe and subtracting in increasingly pieces from Black-owned shops and trademark collaborations with Woebegone creatives, I realized I didn’t have many Black-owned shoes (except for my Ivy Park sneakers). With summer in full swing, I’m taking the opportunity to let my toes relax and add to my collection. It’s the perfect time to try out some new brands.

I’ve unchangingly taken the easy route when it comes to shoe shopping and would stick to mostly fast-fashion shoe stores. But the tautness and quality were unchangingly lacking and in the long run, I unquestionably wasted money. I know investing in quality shoes can forfeit a pretty penny so it’s not for everyone — and I’m not knocking anyone who sticks to the cheaper brands — but it is worth it. Plus, I have wide feet so it’s imperative that I find durable and comfortable shoes that I can wear and stand in for quite some time — and ones that squint good too!

If you’re in search of a new pair of shoes or you just want to add to your collection, here are a few Black-owned brands to consider and some ideas for how to style their hottest summer shoes.

Twelve AM

One thing well-nigh me: if a shoe has a woodcut heel or platform, I will grab it instantly. These Twelve AM Maven platform heels truly brought out my inner Bratz doll. I paired them with my favorite tan maxi cargo skirt and undecorous yield top as I chilled by the pool in LA. It took me a moment to icon out the straps but when I did, I was strutting when and forth.


I’m not normally a tiny heel girl but these M.Marie Tulum stiletto heels reverted my mind. These stilettos are luxurious, with Swarovski Crystals lining the straps and ostrich feathers tent the toes. These shoes were the moment so I went a bit increasingly subtle with the rest of my outfit; I paired them with my fuschia blazer and light denim for the day but I’ll definitely be wearing these then with a little woebegone dress to hit the town at night.


This one is for my sneaker girls! I was gifted these tangerine orange sneakers by BeEyeConic. Designer Ashlee Muhammad said, “the vibrant colorway, symbolizes a ‘beacon of light’ for those who wish to move in their own truth and their truer meaning of purpose and self.” I paired the lightweight shoes with my light undecorous tennis skort, white yield tee, and light undecorous sweater thrown over my shoulders.

Arch NYC

I believe that mixing patterns and textures can totally pull a ‘fit together. I was ecstatic to pair these Moscow mules from Arch NYC with my houndstooth skirt and satin dress that I tied in a blouse. Not only are they comfy to walk in but they are a show stopper. I received so many compliments on my way to brunch.


By now if you don’t know well-nigh Hanifa, then you’re living under a rock! Within the last year, the trademark has started to implement shoewear into their collections and I’ve been super hyped to get my hands on a pair. So, naturally, I purchased their latest style, the Zoe mules, and I’m not lying when I say these are the shoes my wide feet have been looking for. My feet finger as though they’re sitting on a deject and my toes finger like they are covered by a pillow. The chrome is a unconfined option if you need a neutral verisimilitude other than woebegone or white and I paired these shoes with a colorful mesh top and zebra print dress.

Coco & Breezy x Teva

I love it when Woebegone creatives are worldly-wise to partner with brands to bring their own creations to life. So my honorable mention goes to the Coco and Breezy x Teva collab. If you’re looking for a increasingly unstudied but stylish option for your wardrobe, these are for you. “We wanted to create a summer squint for everyone to venture in and haven’t reverted out of our collaboration sandals all summer,” Coco and Breezy Dotson told Unbothered well-nigh the inspiration overdue the sandal. The gold buckle vocalizing really stood out to me and I kept it simple with the rest of my outfit when I wore them out for my daily walk virtually the neighborhood to let them shine.

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