Best Time To Have Tea and Coffee For Weight Loss

For half of the Indian junta, a cup of coffee is inspiration, stimulus, motivation, all rolled into one and for the rest half, “ek pyaali chai” elicits the same emotions. No matter how aggressively foreign companies market their colas and fizzy drinks, we Indians still will hold tea/coffee in the first place as our favorite beverages. Both coffee and tea act as stimulants, flushing you with a uplift of energy as and when needed. As we have mentioned older too, both coffee and tea when spirituous woebegone can uplift metabolism and do not hamper weight loss. And you once know that subtracting milk, sugar, creamer, and having it with snacks and treats subtracts yonder all the associated benefits. We definitely know how not to have tea and coffee while on a weight loss diet, but then what’s the correct to sip your favorite beverage? We will tell you the timings to get the most out of tea/coffee:

Best Time To Have Tea and Coffee For Weight Loss

1. Have the first cup between 9:30 to 11:30 am: A majority of us walk automatically towards the kitchen to make hot cup of coffee or chai, but experts say you should unquestionably start your day with a warm glass of water and not coffee or tea. Every morning, your cortisol levels naturally rise and peak well-nigh 30 minutes without waking up. The stress hormone cortisol is at its highest between 8 to 9 am, so having coffee virtually 9:30 to 11:30 am so as to not increase the cortisol level (caffeine does manage to trigger cortisol secretion). So, you do not want to add to cortisol level. It makes well-constructed sense when experts say not to have coffee/tea first thing in the morning – vaporization and increases acidity, wounding reflux, heartburn. The zephyr from a hot brewing cup of coffee is unbearable to wake you up. Also, since coffee and tea can rationalization dehydration, do not have it first thing in the morning, replenish the water content, wait a little and then sip on your favorite beverage.

2. Another time window to have coffee would be virtually 4 to 5:30 pm considering 5:30 to 6:30 pm, the cortisol level has been found to be high.

3. Just surpassing workout – fuels your workout, have it 30 minutes surpassing workout. Gives energy to get maximum out of workouts. Improves muscle strength, helps fight fatigue. Energy boost.

4. Have coffee at least 5 to 6 hours surpassing bedtime. If you go to sleep at 11 pm, have the last cup by 6 pm.

5. Do not drink tea withal with meals considering it may hamper with protein absorption. It’s largest to have it one hour surpassing or without the meal.
6. It has moreover been found that having coffee with the meal or without the meal can hamper with iron absorption. Wait until one hour surpassing reaching for a cup of coffee.

Could Coffee Help you Lose Weight?

The caffeine content in coffee acts as a stimulant, want suppressant, and is moreover known for its metabolism boosting and fat-burning properties. Caffeine moreover has thermogenic properties which ways it torches up uneaten calories in the body. Unknown to many, coffee is rich in antioxidants and minerals like potassium and magnesium as well. Coffee is moreover a popular pre-workout and post-workout instillation and helps to ease cramps and muscle pains. With so many benefits tying to coffee, it does make sense to grab a cup of coffee right now, but wait, having coffee the wrong way can cancel out all these benefits associated, and that’s why it’s important to have it the right way to get the maximum out of this most popular instillation world over. Moreover read: “How Not To Drink Coffee While Dieting.”

Could Tea Help with Weight Loss?

Tea leaves are rich in catechins, a type of flavonoids that fight self-ruling radicals and reduce oxidative stress on the body. Catechins moreover uplift metabolism and help shrivel increasingly calories in the body. The variegated types of teas – white, black, untried come from the same leaves, obtained through variegated types of processing. All these varieties of tea have catechins, flavonoids, and caffeine in variegated percentages, and a combination of catechins and caffeine has been found to uplift metabolism and help shrivel a few uneaten calories.

As we have unchangingly maintained, the weightier way to have have a cup of coffee or tea is to have it woebegone or plain (in specimen of untried tea, white tea, oolong tea, etc), without milk, sugar, surf or strained sweeteners considering they can turn these low-calorie drinks to upper calorie ones and cancel out all the benefits. Do not add strained sweeteners either considering they have been found to yo-yo gut microbiome (a healthy gut can slide your weight loss journey). Limit coffee/tea intake to just two or three cups in a day, increasingly would lead to dehydration. So, yes, all you coffeeholics, we would like to tell you that there’s something tabbed as ‘too much coffee” and please don’t hate us for revealing this truth. :p

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