Makeup for the Holidays: A Guide to the Coolest Looks

Makeup for the Holidays: A Guide to the Coolest Looks
Published: Dec 12, 2023

There are so many reasons to love the holidays, but for us, Christmas makeup is at the top of the list (ok, that's right after opening presents). Holidays, family time and magical vibes in the air are a great excuse to wear jewel tones and shimmery highlights. We always go back to events, but every opportunity you get is a great excuse to grab those makeup brushes and finally use that eyeshadow palette you've always wanted to use.

We've rounded up all the makeup ideas we've been saving from January, covering every scenario imaginable, from classic cherry lips to bold neon colors. Keep scrolling to see the best Christmas and holiday makeup ideas you'll want to emulate this season.

Modern Makeup ideas for Christmas Party 2024

Christmas is fast approaching. Enhance your fashion style this season with some trendy makeup ideas for flawless skin.

Makeup ideas for Christmas Party 2024

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It's that time of the year when we finally let go of the candies. Say goodbye to 2020 and welcome the next year with open arms, only to leave terrible events behind. The festive season is coming to an end with Christmas upon us and people from all over the world will gather to celebrate the New Year.

As we enter the penultimate season of week of the year, believers prepare to celebrate the holiday with plum cakes, gifts, endless Christmas carols, etc. If you are going to a Christmas party and want to attract attention, get to work and add that little something extra to your makeup to stand out in the crowd.

Whether it's a video party or an intimate family gathering, there's no reason to be discreet about your appearance. It's a great excuse to dust off your makeup brushes, use your eyeshadow palette, and look like a diva.

Here are some ideas from different celebrities to help you choose the model you prefer and that matches your outfit.

Holiday Essentials: It's okay if you want to dress like a Christmas Barbie. Vibrant red lips and curved eyeliner are holiday must-haves. Apply highlighter to the sides of your cheeks and above your eyes, just below your eyebrows. You can wear this look with any outfit.

Green Grinch: Even the Grinch would be happy with this delicate green eyeliner. Accentuate your eyes by lining the lower lash line with a white eyeliner and adding a few lashes to the corners.

Ruby Red: Complete everything by pairing cherry red lipstick with soft pink eyelids. For an extra Christmas touch, add some stones scattered in the internal corners. Fluffmatte Face Sunnies in Hot Sauce and Half Magic Face Gems will be right for you.

Heavenly Glamour: Be inspired by the winter night sky with starry blue eyelids. Danessa Myricks created this look for Sheryl Lee Ralph with her Colorfix films in the color mermaid.

Smoke Grey: Go to the disco and opt for a super glamorous smoky eye. Extend the shape up to the brow bone to add drama. A good set of brushes, such as the Sephora Essential Eye Brush Set or the Sigma Beauty Basic Eye Brush Set, will help you blend with precision.

Kitten Eye: More minimalist makeup? There's nothing chicer (or easier to achieve) than a chic cat eye. Use a pencil formula like Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner for a soft, diffused look.

Graphic Gold: A graphic crease combined with shimmery gold eyeshadow is a plus in every way. Use a liquid eyeliner like Pat McGrath's Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner to define the shape and finish with MAC Frost eyeshadow in If It Ain't Barocco.

Holiday Glamor: Sometimes you just need to dress like a Christmas Barbie. Red lips and winged eyeliner are holiday staples, but the dewy, shimmery shade makes this version feel fresh. Try Shiseido Aura Dew Highlighter in Lunar and Rare Beauty Lip Souffle in Inspire for a similar vibe.

Emerald Eyes: Winter is the perfect time to dive into bolder shades like emerald, sapphire and amethyst. Keep everything else neutral so your eyes really stand out.

Looking for the best quality Emerald Eyes makeup for 2024?

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Light Wings: These over-the-top light wings are so amazing and so much easier to make. Make them appear. Create your base with glitter glue or cream eyeshadow and use a piece of masking tape to create a sharp edge. While the base is still tacky, apply loose glitter with your finger. Then remove the tape and use it to remove any shine around your eyes. Add lip gloss and you're done.

Wine Lips: If you're feeling particularly nervous this Christmas (let's face it, who isn't), change up your style. classic? From red to berry or vinous. Try a long-lasting liquid like Chanel Rouge Allure Ink in Sensuel, which lasts all night, even under a mask.

Paddle Lips: For the freshest version of cherry red lips, opt for a red shade with a glossy finish (try a tinted lip oil, you'll get there in a flash). Keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum for a fresh look that pairs well with sweatpants on the couch or a chic evening dress.

Sculpting Blush: Avoid harsh contours and use blush to soften and shape the face. A bronzed pink like Chanel's Rose Bronze adds a subtle warmth and makes you look wide awake.

Snowball Eyes: If you're looking for a glow that's visible on even the grainiest webcam, look no further. Contrasting dark eyeliner with thick silver glitter like Smith and Cult Glitter Shot.

Delicate Pastel: Be inspired by falling snow with a subtle touch of blue. Take a pencil like Nyx Professional Makeup Slim Eye Pencil in Baby Blue, outline the inner corner and blend with your finger. For an ethereal room like this, do the same on the outer corner without connecting the center.

Classic Glamor: Whether you're on vacation or not, you can't go wrong with soft brown eyeshadow and pink lipstick , blush and lots of highlighter. Pearl hairpins and a bun take it to the next level.

Eye Decoration: One possibility To give a vintage touch to your makeup, opt for a cat effect and add a decoration such as a glass sticker. It will definitely add a special touch to your look.

Emerald Love: Christmas is the perfect time to dive into bolder shades like emerald and sapphire. Let your eyes shine green.

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