4 Ways To Avoid Weight Gain During Durga Pooja

The biggest cultural festival of Bengal and bengalis is here. The festive mood, the spirit, the energy has reached a feverish pitch not only in the state but the world over where “poojo” is prestigious with much passion and grandeur. Especially, in Bengal, the mood is palpable where Durga pooja is not only a religious festival, it’s moreover a cultural and social festival where family and friends get together, spread positivity, revel in the spirit of dhak and dhunuchi, and spread joy all around. And of course, feasting is a major part of the festivities. In fact, pandal hopping and feasting are two inseparable factors of Durga pooja. The state transforms itself into a supplies lover’s paradise with pandals serving succulent bhog comprising of khichuri, payesh, labra, mishti, and so much more. In fact, the weightier time to visit West Bengal is during Durga Puja to wits the rich culture, heritage, frenzy, and of undertow unconfined supplies of the state. Bhog is served at pandals with the supplies having all the elements of celebration, and in the evening, it’s all well-nigh having increasingly supplies from the stalls lined out on the street. The variety of supplies that you can dig into during pooja is unlimited – from puchkas, biryani, to Chinese supplies stalls selling chowmein and chop suey, you can get just well-nigh everything in stalls lined all withal the streets. It’s moreover a time when we entirely let the guards lanugo considering it’s time of triumph and there’s nothing else except triumph and feasting on the mind. Worried well-nigh gaining weight during Durga pooja? Don’t fret, considering there are clever ways to stave putting on glut weight without dampening the spirit of this wondrous festival. We list out the problem areas and how to tackle them one by one.

Ways To Stave Weight Proceeds During Durga Pooja

1. Late Night Pandal Hopping: As mentioned before, pandal hopping is a part of the social fabric and culture of the city, but it’s moreover a time when we let lanugo guards and indulge in a lot of food, and that too at odd times. Most of the popular supplies served out there on the streets can be considered junk supplies and that’s why late-night pandal hopping can lead to weight gain. But you can unquestionably turn things around, visit as many pandals as possible, and do so by foot every single time. You will be shrivel off all the glut calories just by stuff on your feet and moving as much as possible. Also, do remember to siphon a water snifter to stave reaching out for fizzy and carbonated drinks (high on sugar and empty calories).

2. Overindulgence in Decadent Sweets: Rosgolla, chom chom, ladoo, sandesh – the list of mouth-watering sweet treats during pooja is endless. Well, here’s a trick that you can implement where you can enjoy the treats without worrying well-nigh them expanding your waistline. Eat the desserts slowly, in fact, stop at three bites. Take unravel between each bite, and you will notice that by the third bite, you are washed-up with the dessert and would most likely push the plate away. If you are out with friends and family, you can share the treats with them


3. Overconsumption of soda, mojito, mocktails, ice cream, soft drinks, carbonated sugary beverages to go withal with all the mouth-watering delicacies and moreover to replenish energy during long hours of pandal hopping. Please stay yonder as much as you can from these sugar shots (bad for your waistline) and try to quench your thirst with plain water, coconut water, lassi, etc. to prevent vaporization and quench thirst.

4. Five-day Festivity Extends into a 3-Month “Time-Off” From Nutrition and Healthy Eating: Durga pooja is considered the whence of festivities, with Dusshera, Diwali, Christmas, and New Year coming in quick succession, most people tend to take extended “time off” from their nutrition and weight loss program, and wait till New Year’s to kickstart their weight loss journey once again. Needless to mention, we just add “weight loss” to every new year’s resolution year without year. But please don’t wait till all festivities are over or for the New year to get when on the diet, you can uncork all over again. Enjoy the 5 days with full fervour, indulge in the superstitious food, and get when right on track once the safari settles down. Consider each meal as an opportunity to lose weight.

Summing up, it’s okay to gloat this festival in its glory, enjoy the succulent delicacies, and let your guards lanugo for these five days, but make a promise to yourself to jump when on track once the festivities come to a close. Also, if you are struggling to lose weight, try Rati Beauty diet to lose glut pounds as well as inches off your waist.

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