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    If You’re Starting to Eat Keto, Try These 21 Snacks From Amazon

    It’s no secret that sticking to a strict diet can be difficult, especially when it comes to snacking. If you’re trying the keto diet, which focuses on eating low-carb and high-fat foods, there are plenty of alternative options when it comes to quick and easy food. While there are an abundance of delicious keto recipes […] More

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    Dior’s Whimsical Runway Is a Fairytale for Grown Ups

    Courtesy of Dior / @Elina_Kechicheva Dior’s magic is the stuff of fairytales. From its embrace of the feminine mystique to an international, all-star fanbase that includes its newest face, Jisoo of Blackpink, to supernatural growth in sales in 2020 despite a global pandemic, the fashion house knows the power of storytelling. For its fall-winter 2021 […] More

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    Chanel’s Winter Wardrobe is Quiet But Powerful

    Courtesy of Chanel / Inez & Vinoodh We’ll be the first to admit there are things we don’t miss about fashion week: the rigid, never-ending itinerary; midnight deadlines; frantically searching for a bathroom between shows; the guilt associated with being tired, annoyed and overworked while being part of such a beautiful industry. But one thing […] More

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    Fashion Blogs Died, But Fashion Newsletters Are Filling the Void

    Style Points is a weekly column about how fashion intersects with the wider world. I have long maintained that the worst thing you can do to me is send me an email. But lately, I’ve had to revise that stance to “maybe some emails are good.” Between Molly Young’s books newsletter Read Like the Wind, […] More

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    Louis Vuitton’s Fall Runway Invites You to Reminisce

    Courtesy of Louis Vuitton Scientific research claims that the act of planning a trip, one you don’t even intend on taking, boosts dopamine levels the same way actually traveling can. With flight restrictions in play and the population still largely unvaccinated, the very thought of venturing outside of your country—hell, out of your borough—can induce […] More

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    Beauty Products We Love from Female-Founded Brands

    It’s no secret that the beauty industry is reliant on the wallets of women, but for a very long time the vast majority of product lines were founded by men—men who dictated standards of beauty, trends, and spending habits. But female beauty entrepreneurs have slowly gained ground—carving out space in an arena that’s supposed to […] More

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